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Will Park Yoo Chun Play A Dream Whisperer In His New Film?

BY Julie Jones | Apr 10, 2015 12:35 PM EDT


Park Yoo Chun did well with his first film role. Playing the youngest shiphand on a fishing-vessel-turned-smuggling-ship in the film "Sea Fog" earned the JYJ singer and "Sensory Couple" star, two Best New Actor Awards. He also won Best Rookie Awards at the 51st Daejong Awards and the 15th Busan International Film Awards.

Not bad for his debut film, and, according to his management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, the actor has chosen a role in his second film, "Lucid Dream."

"He will play the role of the assistant to the main character," the C-JeS representative told the Korean media outlet Naver TV on April 9.

His management and the film's producers don't want to reveal more that that because the information would give away too much of the plot. The camera began filming on April 9.

"Park's role is only described as the assistant because we don't want his character's name or role leaked out. Saying any more about his role might be a spoiler so we don't plan on publishing his casting information either," said the C-JeS representative

The film tells the story of a man who uses his dreams to find his kidnapped child. His dreams might offer clues that his conscious mind overlooks but recovering these memories requires a special kind of assistant.

Sounds like Park Yoo Chun could be playing a kind of "dream whisperer" or dream guide.

The cameras may already have started rolling on the film set but Park Yoo Chun will have to split his time between shooting "Lucid Dream" and his drama set. He is currently starring in "Sensory Couple" with Shin Se Kyung.

In "Sensory Couple" he plays a police officer. His character chose a law enforcement career because his sister's murder case was never solved. The trauma inflicted by this event caused him to lose some of his ability to interpret things through his senses. He meets a woman, played by Shin Se Kyung, who survived the incident that killed his sister. Ironically the traumatic event caused her senses to be heightened in a paranormal way. Together they try to solve the case that haunts them both. In the drama recovering memories are also key to solving a crime.

"Lucid Dream" also stars Seol Kyung Gu, Go Soo and Kang Hye Jung. Go Soo will play the role of the father. Kim Joon Sung will direct the film.

Park Yoochun's previous dramas include "Missing You," "Three Days," "Sungkyunkwan Scandal," and "Rooftop Prince."

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