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Oh Ji Ho Talks About The Making Of ‘Love Clinic’

BY Julie Jones | May 07, 2015 10:45 AM EDT


For his last drama "Maids," Oh Ji Ho had to dress in historical costume and do some intense action scenes but that doesn't compare to what he went through while filming his latest movie "Love Clinic."

In "Love Clinic" he plays Wang Sung Ki, an obstetrician and gynecologist. Being a male OB/GYN is not that unusual. However, he has an office in the same building as Kim Shin Seol, a female urologist, and that career choice is more unusual. Kim Shin Seol, played by Kang Ye Won, is one of the few female urologists around.

Since both those doctors treat problems associated with the reproductive organs of the opposite sex, it was expected that the film's script might lead to some embarrassing situations.

Oh Ji Ho expected as much. In a recent interview with the Korean media outlet Nate, he said that given the subject matter he was prepared to be embarrassed while filming "Love Clinic." While he felt a little uncomfortable during some of the examination scenes, he was most embarrassed by the scene where the character played by Ha Jo Hee attempted to seduce him. 

The sexy costume she wore made him uncomfortable because as he pointed out, he is a married man.

"It was embarrassing when Ha Joo Hee wore the costume," he said in the Nate interview. "The scene itself wasn't that bad. However she was walking around in the costume while I was talking to the director."

Newlywed Oh Ji Ho waited to tell his wife about the intimate scenes in the film. The 39-year-old actor just celebrated his first wedding anniversary, having married his non-celebrity wife Eun Bo Ah in April 2014.

"I told her when the premiere was near," he said.

Kang Ye Won, who plays his true love in the film, was last seen as a police inspector in the 2014 drama "Bad Guys" and played Hong Dan the 2014 film "The Huntresses."

"Love Clinic" also stars Kim Min Kyo, who appeared in the drama "The Idle Mermaid" and the film "Man in High Heels" as a photographer. Hong Suk Chan, last seen as a gambling king pin in "Triangle," plays a psychiatrist. Oh Min Suk of "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "Misaeng" plays a foreign car owner.

Ha Jo Hee last appeared in the drama "Ruby Ring."

The film was released on May 7.

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