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Go Ah Sung Will Show Another Side Of Herself At The Cannes Film Festival

BY Julie Jones | May 12, 2015 02:32 PM EDT


Go Ah Sung who currently stars in the dark comedy "Heard It Through The Grapevine" will reveal another side of herself at the Cannes Film Festival. She stars in the thriller film "Office," which will have a special screening at the festival.

Go had her first film role at age 15 when she played a strong-willed child in Bong Joon Ho's ecological horror film "The Host." A few years later she received international acclaim by starring in another Bong Joon Ho film, the science fiction story "Snowpiercer." When the film opens she is merely a young passenger on a train carrying what's left of humanity but by the film's end she's bold enough to inhabit a brave new world.

In her current drama "Heard It Through The Grapevine" she also plays a character that is deceptively sweet but who eventually reveals a sharp mind and steely determination.

"Office" is a thriller about a series of mysterious murders that take place within an office. In her first leading role, Go plays the shy intern Lee Mir Ye. She's something of an office outcast but she ultimately helps to solve the murders.

In a recent interview with Korean Cinema Today, the actress spoke about the film and why she felt compelled to take the role. "Office" was her first thriller. Even though she previously liked the genre, she took a while to decide on appearing in one.

She decided on appearing in "Office" because she found the film's innovative script fascinating. She also liked the fact that there was a lot to her character.

"I like well-rounded characters as actors generally do," she said in her Korean Cinema Today interview. "When reading screenplays I prefer to play characters that come across as naïve and good at first but a twist to the character revealing their strong side really attracts me. I also like characters that look tough on the outside but are gentle inside."

The actress is really enjoying working on her drama series, which she says has a "fantastic script." She also enjoys rehearsing with the other cast members, whom she calls "excellent actors."

She has not yet seen "Office" in its entirety. When the film is screened at Cannes, she will watch it for the first time.

Hong Won Chan, who wrote the screenplay for the thriller "The Chaser," directed "Office."

The Cannes Film Festival runs through May 24.

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