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Five K-Drama Actors That Were Born With Money

BY Julie Jones | May 28, 2015 01:59 PM EDT


Some k-drama actors don't have to do it for the money. They just like to act. A few attractive and talented stars had cash to spend before they ever went to an audition.

For example, Yook Sung Jae, the BTOB member who stars in "Who Are You - School 2015," recently discussed his family fortune on an episode of the program "Radio Star." He confessed that his family had money when he was growing up.

"My father is the CEO of an IT company that deals with semiconductors," he said.

The emcee Yoon Jong Shin asked if this meant he had more money than Super Junior singer and actor Choi Si Won, but Yook Sung Jae did not know exactly what his family was worth.

"I'm not sure," he said.

Yoon was referring to the Choi family fortune, which includes a major department store. So, not only is Si Won a singer and actor, having appeared dramas such as "Athena: Goddess of War" and the "King of Dramas," but he's also an heir. His father was the CEO at Boryung Medience Co. before becoming a professor at Sungkonghoe University. And the family owns the Hyundai Department store, which generates profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Although Si Won recently filmed a cameo turn as a thief in the drama "Masked Investigator," he will never need to steal any money.

When Jung Il Woo played a rich kid in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" he did not have to do a lot of research. The actor, who also appeared in "The Moon Embracing The Sun," "The Night Watchman's Journal" and "Wonderful Days" was born with the right connections. His mom is the head of the Textiles Research Lab at Korea University. His grandfather is the director of a hospital in Korea and his father is the director of a Kendo Academy.

Phillip Lee, who played the head of Ha Ji Won's stunt school in "Secret Garden," also grew up with money. His dad, Simon S. Lee, started the U.S.-based company STG. Inc., which makes over $200 million annually. Simon S. Lee donated a $1 million to George Washington University to fund an exchange program with Korea University. Although he has not acted since appearing in "Faith: The Great Doctor," he won't run out of funds soon and he does have a master's degree in engineering.

Lee Seo Jin, who appeared in the drama "Wonderful Days" as well as the film "Love Forecast," comes from a very influential family. His grandfather was the first governor of Seoul Bank and his dad was a former treasury director. He also knows a lot about money, having a business management degree from New York University's Stern School of Business. He divides his time between acting and serving as managing director of the global contents division of an assets management firm.

Talent, good looks and cash to fall back on, these actors have it all.

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