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Hyun Bin Is Considering A Military Role

BY Julie Jones | Jun 15, 2015 08:35 AM EDT


What's next for actor Hyun Bin? It may be a Hollywood film focusing on the American five-star general Douglas MacArthur, who played a prominent role in the Korean War.

Rumors have been circulating that 32-year-old Hyun Bin has already agreed to take a leading role in the film, but his agency says that it is only one of many options the actor is considering. Since being discharged from his mandatory military duty in Dec. 2012, the actor has appeared in one film and one drama. He took the role of King Jeongjo in the film "The Fatal Encounter" and that of a man with alternating personalities in the drama "Hyde, Jekyll and I."

On June 10 Hyun Bin's agency O&E Entertainment told the Korean News Outlet Sports Today that he did receive the offer to appear in the as-yet-untitled MacArthur film.

"He has not decided on taking part in it yet," said the O&E representative.

The film will be set in the 1950s. At that time General MacArthur was in charge of the American-led coalition of United Nations troops. He drove the North Korean forces back to the Chinese border, almost setting off a nuclear war and starting political feuds in America that would be fatal to his career. His controversial decisions eventually resulted in him being relieved of duty. But he was instrumental in many of the victories achieved during the Korean War.

The general has been the subject of several biographies and films, including the 1977 film "MacArthur," starring Gregory Peck.

It has been rumored that actor Liam Neeson received a casting offer for the role of General Douglas MacArthur. Hyun Bin would be up for the role of a Special Forces officer.

Hyun Bin recently attended a memorial ceremony at Seoul National Ceremony. He read a poem to honor those who died in military service. The ceremony has been held every year since 1956 to honor the lives of those lost during the Korean War and other significant battles.

If Hyun Bin does take the role, the film will require him to speak English, which he has done in other films and dramas. He spoke English for a few minutes during the drama "Secret Garden" but he successfully tackled the language throughout the entire Korean-Chinese-U.S. film "Late Autumn." To play the role of a Korean gigolo in that film, he attended school in the U.S. and had a coach to help with pronunciation.

What do you think of this option for Hyun Bin?

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