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Eight Guy-Friendly Korean Dramas And Movies

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jun 24, 2015 09:01 AM EDT


It can be difficult to find K-Dramas that appeal to male viewers, particularly when there is an onslaught of romantic comedies. Back hugs and adorable interstitials are often scoffed at, but there are many Korean dramas and movies that appeal to most audiences. From crime thrillers to coming-of-age comedies, there are plenty of K-Dramas and K-Movies that are worth checking out.

Here are eight guy-friendly Korean dramas and movies to add to your streaming queue.

Guy-Friendly Movies

1. "Twenty"   

"Twenty," starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and 2PM's Junho approaches the subject incorporates the gross-out humor of iconic movies like "American Pie," from a Korean perspective. The trio provides nonstop laughs, with assistance from Lee Yoo Bi (Scholar Who Walks The Night) and Min Hyo Rin (Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra). 

"Twenty" is available on DramaFever, for streaming in North America. 

2. "Gangnam Blues" 

Lee Min Ho's homage to '70s Korea, "Gangnam Blues" (Gangnam 1970) is a gritty crime thriller that demonstrates his potential as the next big action star. 

"Gangnam Blues" is available on DramaFever. 

3. "JSA: Joint Security Area"

The 2000 espionage thriller, "JSA: Joint Security Area" was the highest grossing movie of its time. Directed by Park Chan Wook,  "JSA: Joint Security Area" stars Lee Byung Hun, Song Kang Ho and Lee Young Ae. 

"JSA: Joint Security Area" is available on Hulu. 

4. "Tazza: The Hidden Card" 

"Tazza: The Hidden Card" stars Big Bang's T.O.P as Ham Dae Gil, a young man who is inadvertently thrust into a high-stakes gaming ring. Shin Se Kyung and Lee Ha Nui (Honey Lee) provide interesting moments of romance and comedy in this crime noir. 

"Tazza: The Hidden Card" is available on DramaFever. 

5. "Rough Cut" 

So Ji Sub portrays Gang Pae, an organized crime kingpin who is an aspiring actor, in "Rough Cut." The 2008 film marks the directorial debut of Jang Hoon (The Front Line) and benefits from a script by the master auteur, Kim Ki Duk. 

Guy-Friendly Dramas

1. "City Hunter"

Lee Min Ho demonstrated his potential as a film star in the 2011 action drama, "City Hunter." While there are plenty of romantic moments with Park Min Young, the heart of the story lies within the of action-packed life of Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho). "City Hunter" features a diabolical father, plots against the government and drug wars.  

2. "Healer"

Park Min Young recently returned to the action genre with "Healer." "Healer" helped to catapult her co-star, Ji Chang Wook, into Hallyu stardom. The series incorporated a balance of well-executed fight scenes and romance. 

3. "Hidden Identity"

Kim Bum transforms into a cagey, dejected undercover cop in the brilliant tvN series, "Hidden Identity." Each episode is like a sequence in an on-going film, which completely draws viewers in. 


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer for Kpopstarz, MTV Iggy and CJ Entertainment's KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

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