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ZOMBIE MAMMA'S DRAMA REVIEW: Producer Episodes 11-12

BY Zombie Mamma via ZombieMamma | Jun 23, 2015 08:24 AM EDT


I can't believe we've come to the end of this rather quirky and adorable drama but we have. It's been an interesting run, full of unique, interesting and ultimately, lovable characters and I've enjoyed the time I've spent watching this one, particularly in the moments when Seung Chan made me squee over his cuteness. But there's more to talk about than one oddly adorable rookie producer so let's get to it!

Picking up where we left off last week, Seung Chan finally built up enough courage to act upon his feelings for Ye Jin and we were left wondering if that surprise kiss would really work out for the boy the way he hoped it would. Turns out that moment of gumption was so short-lived, it barely lasted the duration of the kiss. Almost immediately Seung Chan fell into his more awkward/timid role and Ye Jin was left wondering if his kiss meant anything at all. I think a part of her really did want that kiss to mean more than it seemed but I think another part of her was relieved that this awkward follow-up put a bit of distance between herself and Seung Chan. It gave both of them an opportunity to step back and examine their relationship and ultimately, that led to the pair going their separate ways romantically while keeping their friendship intact.

I know that Seung Chan isn't happy with the way things played out with Ye Jin but I have a feeling that, given enough time, he'll look back on this whole experience with a sense of satisfaction. Even if he didn't manage to get the girl, he still learned a lot as he pined over Ye Jin and as he acted on his feelings for the first time in his life, he'll be able to look back to this moment without any regrets. He gave things with Ye Jin his best shot, the time he spent with her was fun, he made his feelings known and even though she rejected his heart, she still respects him as a colleague and a friend. Honestly, a guy can't ask for a better rejection than that. Can he?

I suppose the pain of rejection isn't really something one looks back on with fond memories but I think in Seung Chan's case, he's going to see that this road he chose to wander down really was the right one. Perhaps it didn't lead him where he thought it would but that doesn't mean his destination won't be exactly where he was meant to be. Yes, he's still young and he has much to learn, not just in the world of television producing but in life in general, but he's a smart kid and despite what he seems, he's actually quick to catch on. As long as he doesn't let the pride of momentary success go to his head, I think he'll turn out alright, despite the fact he talks to ghosts.

I'm more than happy with the way things worked out for Cindy. For someone who started out awful, she's the one who changed the most. Though perhaps change isn't really the word I'm looking for... I think Cindy was the most misunderstood character in this drama. She started out with a bad image but I think her poor attitude in really just the by-product of her circumstances. Under the awful rule of the Byun-pire, Cindy was groomed to be exactly who and what she was; an awful, uncaring creature who though of nothing but herself. As CEO Byun began to lose her grip on Cindy, her poisonous characteristics began to fade and the real Cindy began to shine through. Though Cindy spent a lot of her time wondering who she really was, in the end she found herself and came to realize she's a whole lot stronger than anyone ever imagined her to be. Except maybe Seung Chan. I have a feeling he was able to see the real Cindy from the start which is probably why he was able to coax the real Cindy out from behind the noxious cloud of her wicked CEO.

Though things between Cindy and Seung Chan have been left undetermined, I'd like to think that eventually these two will get together. There's a great deal of chemistry between the two and the fact that Cindy made her feelings clear without being pushy says a lot about her respect for Seung Chan. No man can go unaffected when a woman tells him that she likes him and Seung Chan is no exception. He's already admitted that he's flattered by Cindy's feelings for him and I'm sure that, given time, he will come to reciprocate those feelings. Of course he has to work through his feelings for Ye Jin first but now that she and Joon Mo have made their relationship official, Seung Chan knows that he's going to have to let his feelings for Ye Jin go which means he'll eventually move on. With Cindy waiting for him patiently in the background, I'd like to think that someday in the not-too-distant future, her patience with Seung Chan will be rewarded.

As much as my heart secretly wanted things between Seung Chan and Ye Jin to work out, my more rational head tells me that Joon Mo was always meant to be her other half. A twenty-five year friendship isn't something you throw away in an instant and it's so obvious these two would be lost without each other. It only makes sense for these two to progress in their relationship, even if it's done at a snail's pace. Despite what some people say, you really can marry your best friend and live as happily ever after as any two humans could ever expect to live. Sure, times will sometimes be tough but knowing you've got your best friend on your side makes those times a bit easier to handle. I have no doubt Ye Jin and Joon Mo will happily grow old together, sitting on their balcony, sipping on beer as they chat about their day's events. It's really a very lovely thought and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

As oddly as this drama started, it hooked me with its quirky yet lovable characters and I happily tagged along as their stories were told. Despite the fact I suffered several anxiety attacks as flashbacks to my life as a television PD hit me as I watched this drama, I still enjoyed it and surprisingly enough I had a few moments when I looked back to my old life with a touch of fondness. Working in television is highly stressful but it can also be highly rewarding and I appreciated the reminder as that same truth holds true in so many areas of life. While I'm not sure where to rank this drama in my list of favorites I can safely say it's on that list somewhere. I appreciated the originality of the format, I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, slowly and organically, as if everything progressed naturally as opposed to being scripted and above all, I loved the characters. They were real and sincere and as wonderfully flawed as any humans could be and I felt as if I knew them as well as I know my own friends. The characters are really what made this drama great and I'll miss them as my journey through the Dramaverse forces me to move on. At least I can take comfort in knowing they'll always be there, should I ever want to go back. And I'm sure I will. Soon.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on this week's episodes? What was your impression of this drama as a whole? Did you enjoy it? Did it play out the way you hoped it would? Did you ship sail or did it go down in a blaze of glory? You know I always love hearing from you so be sure to let me know what you're thinking by leaving me a comment below!

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