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When A Man Falls In Love, Things Can Get Complicated

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 25, 2013 04:55 PM EDT


Love can get in the way of ambition and that's exactly what is expected to happen in the upcoming MBC drama, "When A Man Falls In Love."

Song Seun Hoon, who starred in "My Princess" and "Dr. Jin," appears in the role of Han Tae Sang. Han is a cold-blooded gangster who is driven to succeed at all costs because he wants to escape the poverty and unhappiness of his childhood. When his gangster boss dies, Han then marries the boss' widow, Baek Sung Jo, played by Chae Jung Ahn, who appeared in "Coffee Prince." Baek is beautiful, glamorous, the perfect wife for a successful man. Marrying her means Han has accomplished some of his life's goals.

But that's when things get really complicated. Because even though Han is now married to a wife that many would consider a prize, he falls in love with Seo Mi Do, a poor hardworking girl who comes from a background similar to his own. Played by Shin Se Keung of "Fashion King" fame, Seo is bright, optimistic and brave.

It's the first time Han has fallen in love and it takes him by surprise. he has never let his heart interfere with his decisions or achieving his life's goals and his new love forces him to reevaluate what matters most. Will Han be willing to risk all for love?

Making things even more complicated is Han's friendship with the confident, brash Lee Jae Hee, played by Yeon Woo Jin. The two get along well but their friendship is transformed by rivalry when Lee falls for Seo Mi Do. Lee is ambitious too, but he doesn't want material success as much as he wants a happy family. Accomplishing this goal will prove to be difficult with such a determined rival. To have the family of his dreams he will have to win over a man unaccustomed to losing.

Idol JB, singer in the duo JJ Project, also has a small role in the drama, playing Seo Mi Joon, Seo Mi Do's brother.

The melodrama, which airs April 3rd, is directed by Kim Sang Ho, who directed "Arang and the Magistrate," and "Can You Hear My Heart." The drama is written by Kim In Young, who also wrote "The Equator Man." The writer and director previously teamed up to make the 2005 MBS drama "A Man and A Woman."

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