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"Gold Appear" Takes On Money, Love And Marriage

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 25, 2013 05:02 PM EDT


"Gold Appear," which begins April 6, has been described as a family drama that makes good-humored fun of a middle class family and their pretensions. It also explores notions of marriage and divorce. And there's an interesting case of mistaken identity to sort out.

Han Ji Hye of "May Queen" and "Sweet 18" creates some of the confusion by playing two characters in the drama. She plays Jung Mong Hee, a woman who runs an accessory stand but dreams of becoming a jewelry designer and a chaebol daughter-in-law, Yoona, who coincidentally looks enough like her to be her twin.

Fate determines that Jung Mong Hee will meet Park Hyun Soo, Yoona's ex-husband. As luck would have it, he's the president of a jewelry company and the eldest son, due to inherit his family's business. But so far, he has not been lucky at love.

He has already experienced a painful divorce from Yoona, who he married for power. Meeting Jung Mong Hee offers him a real chance at happiness, but it may first require sorting out which Han Yi Hye is which.

Yun Jung Hoon, who starred as the sensitive, psychic vampire in "Vampire Prosecutor," plays Park Hyun Soo, a man who gets a second chance at love.

Lee Soo Kyung, formerly in "Color of Woman," plays Sung Eun, a successful jewelry designer married to Park Hyun Soo's younger brother, Park Hyun Joon. His role is played by Lee Tae Sung, who previously appeared in Rooftop Prince and also Playful Kiss. To gain control the family business, Park Hyun Joon works to wrestle power away from his brother.

As is the case with many dramas, the heroine, Jung Mon Hee is an optimistic hardworking Candy girl, determined to get ahead on her own merits, while her rival merely married into a wealthy family

The weekend series is expected to have up to 50 episodes, which might indicate how complicated it will be to sort out.

Also appearing in the series is actor Kim Hyung Jun, who made his debut in the drama "My Shining Girl" and is a member of the boy band SS501.

The drama has suffered several serious shakeups, including losing its lead actor Lee Jong Hyuk and having to switch production companies, but fans hope, that considering the stellar cast, it will still be very entertaining.

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