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Filming Has Started For D.O. and Kim So Hyun's 'Pure Love'

BY Julie Jones | Jun 25, 2015 11:19 AM EDT


According to the Korean media outlet OSEN, EXO member D.O. and actress Kim So Hyun have confirmed their roles in the upcoming film "Pure Love" aka "Innocence."

It's about time for a confirmation as the filming is already underway. Filming began on June 22 in Goheung, Jeollanam Province.

Another Korean media outlet Sports Hankook announced the actors' possible casting at the end of May but according to OSEN, the cast was only officially confirmed on June 24.

D.O., whose given name is Do Kyung Soo, is set to play the character Beom Sil.

Kim So Hyun will act the role of Beom Sil's first love Soo Ok. Beom Sil loves Soo Ok without any reservations but Soo Ok has suffered through some experiences that make it difficult for her to surrender her heart.

The film tells the story of that first love and the relationship between five friends. The story is told through a letter that is read on a live music show.

The film also stars Joo Da Young, who appears in "Masked Prosecutor," David Lee, who played class president and Kim So Hyun's boyfriend in "Who Are You - School 2015," and Yoon Joon Suk, who appeared in "Reply 1994. Lee Bum Soo is expected to make a cameo appearance in the film.

It will be D.O.'s second film role.

He auditioned for SM Entertainment as a singer after winning a local contest. The 22-year-old only branched into acting in 2014, appearing as Jo In Sung's delusion in the drama "It's Okay That's Love." He won two awards for his role. Then he earned good reviews for his role in the film "Cart." In a survey by the Korean program "Entertainment Relay," pop culture critics ranked him number one among idol actors who took part in dramas in 2014.

He currently delivers a chilling portrayal of a psychopath in the drama "I Remember You," which co-stars Seo In Guk and Jang Nara.

Kim So Hyun, 15, began her career as a child actress and has since graduated into teen roles. She recently took on the challenge of playing two roles in "Who Are You - School 2015" with co-stars Yook Sung Jae of BtoB and model actor Nam Joo Hyuk. With more grown-up roles, Kim So Hyun will also act in more romantic scenes. The first love plotline of "Innocence" promises a few.

"Pure Love" will be the first full-length feature film directed by Lee Eun Hee

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