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'Mask' Soo Ae Keeps Joo Ji Hoon From Yeon Ji Hoon

BY Christine Han | Jul 02, 2015 07:02 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Soo Ae made a big warning to Yeon Jung Hoon.

On the SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" broadcast on July 2nd, Byun Ji Sook (played by Soo Ae) started to react strongly against Min Suk Hoon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon).

On this day, Min Suk Hoon asked the maid to put medication in the wine that Choi Min Woo would drink.  The maid refused was convinced by the money that he was offering.  He said that he would give three times the cash and with that, the maid dissolved medication in the wine.

Afterwards, Byun Ji Sook arrived to the party in a red dress.  This had actually been a gift that Suh Eun Ha (played by Soo Ae) had sent to her a year ago to wear at her party.  A year away, Suh Eun Ha had said to Min Suk Hoon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon) that if she wore a white dress, it means that she would be with him and if it were a red dress, then she would not be with him.

Byun Ji Sook came back to her seat.  She drank the wine instead of Choi Min Woo (played by Joo Ji Hoon) and said to Min Suk Hoon, "This isn't going to go by your plans.  This is the answer of Suh Eun Ha."

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