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Six K-drama Umbrella Scenes To Sweeten A Rainy Day

BY Julie Jones | Jul 06, 2015 09:01 AM EDT


In the recent k-drama "Producer," IU refers to Kim Soo Hyun's character as "umbrella man" as he was there to offer her an umbrella when her pop star character was alone and worried about getting drenched. He made a special point of asking her to return the company umbrella and seemed oblivious to her stardom. His disinterest provoked her interest and that was the moment their relationship began.

Rain and romance just go together in k-dramas and what's more romantic than two attractive characters enjoying the shelter of a single umbrella.  And lately dramas have featured quite a few.

There are so many sweet umbrella scenes it's hard to narrow them down but here are a few of our favorites:

1. Umbrellas play a role in the short-lived romance between Ha Ji Won and Infinite's L in "The Time I Loved You." She suspects his feelings when he shows up to shelter her and accepts his shelter. But she spurns his umbrella and brandishes her own after it's over. But her leading man Lee Jin Wook has had some umbrella scenes of his own, notably when he sheltered his co-star Jung Yu Mi in the 2012 romantic comedy "I Need Romance 2012."

2. In "My Beautiful Bride," Go Sung Hee meets Kim Moo Yeol on a rainy day and gives her his umbrella. She asks why he would give his umbrella to a stranger on a rainy day and he tells her its because she needs it. He does not admit that he knows who she is and is so happy to see her again.

3. Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun share a yellow umbrella in "Missing You." Even after Yeo Jin Goo's character is grown up and played by Park Yoo Chun, she saves that special yellow umbrella. Everyone thinks his love has died but he's sure she is coming back.

4. In "Love Rain" Jang Geun Suk and Yoona fall in love twice, once playing characters in the 1970s and then playing their children decades later. The younger set of characters has a great scene staring intensely at each other under the shelter of their umbrella.

5. In "I Hear Your Voice" the umbrella scene happens when Lee Bo Young's character can no longer fight her feelings for Lee Jong Suk's character. She goes to find him. He's sitting alone in the rain and she offers him shelter.

5. "Pinocchio" did not technically have an umbrella scene but in a clever twist on the classic scene, the two childhood best friends played by Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk covered their heads in plastic traffic cones. At this point in the drama they are not yet sure they can stand under the same umbrella together. That has yet to come.

Do you have any favorite k-drama umbrella scenes? Let us know.

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