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Yook Sung Jae Has Changed His Thoughts About Marriage

BY Julie Jones | Jul 06, 2015 12:09 PM EDT


Idol-actor Yook Sung Jae may be pretend-married to Red Velvet's Joy on the reality show "We Got Married," but he has done some thinking about getting married in real life. When the 20-year-old BtoB member he appeared on the KBS quiz show "1 vs 100," he was asked about his real-life marriage plans. He said that his plans have changed over the last few years. He used to think that he wanted to be married at a very young age.

"My dream ever since I was younger was to marry at 25 years old," said Yook. "I also wanted to have children early so that I could become a friend-like dad to my kids."

But he might be having so much fun lately that he has reconsidered his plans.

"These days my thoughts have been changing. I think I said those things when I was younger without really knowing any better."

Yook previously appeared in the drama "Nine Plus Boys" but it was his role in the drama "Who Are you - School 2015" that can be considered his breakout role. In that drama he played the bad-tempered student Gong Tae Kwang. Hus character started out being a rebellious troublemaking student but his affection for a fellow student, played by Kim So Hyun, forced him to make some changes in his life.

To make sure he was right for the Gong Tae Kwang role, the drama's director encouraged him to lose his temper during the audition. During the audition the director said, "What's BtoB? I've never heard of it?" After a while Yook lost his temper. He was sure he had blown the audition. However, that was exactly what the director was going for. Once the director saw Yook lose his temper he decided the idol-actor was the perfect fit for Gong Tae Kwang.

So far on "We Got Married," Yook has not lost his temper. He has been a good husband to his virtual spouse Joy. He has been very even-tempered, considerate and protective.

Joy wanted to get her ears pierced so she could wear some that earrings he bought her and worried that it would hurt. He volunteered to carry her around all day. He also held her hand to help her overcome any anxiety she felt at the procedure.

What do you think about Yook Sung Jae as marriage material? Would you marry him? At what age should he get married?

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