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Lee Da Hee Makes A Comeback In 'Mrs. Cop'

BY Julie Jones | Jul 07, 2015 11:10 AM EDT


Lee Da Hee had a breakout year in 2013 when she appeared in two hit dramas. She played a prosecutor in "I Hear Your Voice" with co-stars Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Sang Hyun. Then she played a cold-hearted heiress in the melodrama "Secret Love" with Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Bae Soo Bin. And in 2014 she played a secretary in love with her cruel boss in "Big Man."

For her comeback role she has chosen the SBS police drama "Mrs. Cop." This time Lee will play Min Do Young, an ambitious detective in a violent crimes unit. Min Do Young has everything going for her, good looks, a great personality and she's smart. She got the best grades at the police university and she comes from a good family. She's passionate about the pursuit of justice.

The casting choices for the rest of the detective squad are also impressive. Veteran actress Kim Hee Ae, who last appeared in "Secret Love Affair," will play a central role as the drama's lead detective. Lee Ki Kwang, seen in "Me Too, Flower" is the team's youngest detective and Park Yong Woo, who appeared in the film "Pure Love," plays the department chief. Shin So Yool, seen in "Reply 1997" is Kim Hee Ae's younger sister Choi Nam Jin. She's the practical sister and she is studying hard for the civil service exam.

And there is a love interest too. Son Ho Joon, who appeared in "Trot Lovers" and had a cameo in "Warm and Cozy," will play Han Jin Woo, a former Special Forces officer. But from reading various reports it's not certain whether he will play Lee Da Hee's love interest or Kim Hee Ae's. Perhaps he will be the center of a love triangle.

The drama plot will focus on the criminal cases that the detective squad investigates.

Dramas that feature female law enforcers are increasing. There's Kim Sun Ah currently starring in "Masked Prosecutor" and recently Jo Eun Ji played a detective in "Falling for Soon Jung." Go Ara played a lady cop in "You're All Surrounded" and Yoon So Yi is a detective in "Hidden Identity."

"Mrs. Cop" is set to follow "High Society" in August. The drama's director Yoo In Suk has worked on a successful police drama before. He directed "You're All Surrounded" as well as the dramas "Incarnation of Money" and "History of a Salaryman."

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