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In True Kdrama Style Anna Kendrick Masters Kpop Moves

BY Joan MacDonald | Apr 03, 2013 11:52 AM EDT


It's classic kdrama fare. The heroine finds herself in a situation that she is totally unequipped to deal with. But no matter how difficult and discouraging the situation is she manages to overcome the challenges and shine.

Except that in this case, Oscar-winning American actress, Anna Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect," "Twilight" and "Up in the Air" fame plays the heroine. And the challenge she faces in the mini kdrama/comedy skit is joining kpop group f(x).

In the recent comedy skit, which can be seen on, Kendrick's agent tells that it's no longer enough to be America's sweetheart. These days, to succeed, a person has to be Asia's sweetheart. The solution? A flight to Seoul to sing and dance with girl group f(x).

As Kendrick soon learns, winning an Oscar is nothing compared to learning Korean and mastering kpop dance moves. She wants out. But her agent encourages her to stick with it. She perseveres and in true kdrama fashion, succeeds.

The comedy skit highlights Hollywood's new fascination with all things Korean and uses the classic kdrama plot line to illustrate it.

It also gives f(x)'s Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal yet another chance to shine. In the video they initially distrust Kendrick's ability and laugh at her attempts to speak Korean. Kendrick admits that they scare her. But eventually, F(x) members are impressed by her Candy girl efforts and welcome her into the band.

Although it may be their first appearance with an Oscar winner, it's not the first acting gig for any of the members. All five members of the girl group have appeared on dramas or variety shows.

Victoria, who played the mean f(x) member in the comedy skit was coupled up with rapper and dancer Nichkhun of 2PM on "We Got Married." She then appeared on the show "Invincible Youth," and filmed "When Love Walked In," a Taiwanese drama.

Krystal appeared in the sitcom, "More Charming by the Day" and was a contestant on Kim Yuna's celebrity ice skating show, "Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry." Krystal also played Ahn Soo Jung in the MBC sitcom, "High Kick 3."

Luna appeared in "Star King" and was cast as a co-host of "Inkigayo," with Jo Kwon from 2AM. She also played the role of Seo In Young in the CSTV drama "Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil."

Amber appeared on "Invincible Youth" and Sulli was featured in the role of Gu Jae Hee in the manga-inspired drama, "To The Beautiful You."

Catch the funny video bellow.

Anna Kendrick goes K-Pop with F(x) from Anna Kendrick      

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