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Son Ho Joon Is A Very Busy Actor These Days

BY Julie Jones | Jul 16, 2015 01:05 PM EDT


Actor Son Ho Joon is so busy this year that he had to rearrange his appearance schedule. The actor is busy promoting his recent film "Three Summer Nights" and he has drama that's about to start.

In "Three Summer Nights," he plays a salesman hawking an impotency cure. The salesman and two friends go on vacation together but they do not get a chance to rest. Gangsters, the police and their girlfriends pursue them. The film opened this week.

Son has also been appearing on the tvN food show "House Cook Master Show" showing off his cooking skills. But he recently had to drop out of that show because he was cast in the drama "Mrs. Cop," starring Kim Hee Ae and Lee Da Hee.

Son Ho Joon's agency, MBK Entertainment, told Newsen that he chose to leave the cooking variety show because the airing times overlapped and that there were no hard feelings.

"Right now he plans to continue his focus on 'Mrs. Cop.'"

It's not the first time the actor has overbooked his schedule. A few months ago he was on two variety shows at the same time, "Three Meals A Day" and "Laws of the Jungle." And the two shows were competing in the same time slot. The 'House Cook Master Show" producers wanted him to continue but they could not make the schedule work.

"We wanted to continue filming with Son Ho Joon," said producer Goh Min Goo. "But he left because he had to work on his drama. In the end we had to respect the cast member's decision."

Son's last appearance on the show will be broadcast on July 28. Son has recommended that B1A4 member Baro replace him. Baro's episodes will begin in August.

Son is also due to make an appearance at KCON in Los Angeles on the weekend of July 31 through August 2. He has been trying to take a vacation for a while but his schedule keeps getting over-booked. He told the Korean media outlet Naver TV that he wanted to vacation with his friends Yoo Yeon Suk and Yunho, but it never happened because they all had busy schedules.

"Yeon Seok and I are still trying to match up our schedules," said Son. "We'd like to go together, but when I'm not busy, he has no time because of work. And once he finishes, I start something new."

His plans with Yunho have some urgency as Yunho is planning to enlist for his mandatory military duty soon. They wanted to visit Las Vegas together.

"He was waiting for me all this time. But now that Yunho's going to the military. Since he has waited for me for so long, I can wait two years."

Maybe his schedule will be a little less crowded by then. But then again, maybe not.

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