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“Dating Agency: Cyrano” Promises Great Chemistry

BY Joan MacDonald | Apr 17, 2013 12:09 PM EDT


The latest installment in the flower boy drama series is shaping up nicely. This week, Girls Generation Soo Young, Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Chun Hee, Hong Jong Hyun and the rest of the cast for the new drama, tvN's Dating Agency: Cyrano, met for their first script reading.

Production director Kang Hee Jun said that given the cast's strong acting skills he expects them to deliver quality work.

 "The harmony and chemistry among the cast was great even though it was only a first script reading," said Kang.

The series is based on the hit film, "Cyrano Dating Agency," which was originally a webtoon. It's a story about an agency that helps people who are not that skilled at love. They create elaborate scenarios designed to help their clients win over the object of their affection. Since the agency guarantees success in getting people to fall in love, there are bound to be some laughable complications.

Lee Jong Hyuk will play Seo Byung Hoon, the ill-tempered head of the dating agency. Before trying his hand at matchmaking he was a theatrical director. The actor recently played Lee Jong Ruk in "A Gentleman's Dignity."

Girls Generation Soo Young will play Gong Min Young, an impulsive romantic who works at the agency. Her most recent acting role was Lee Eui Jin in "The Third Hospital."

Lee Chun Lee has signed on to play a chef who gets entangled in their relationship. Lee is an actor who is known for playing funny roles but in this comedy, his character is a serious one. He appeared in "The Thousandth Man" and "You're Amusing."

Hong Jong Hyun has signed on for the role of Moo Jin, the brains behind the dating agency. His last role was Seo Chan Hwi in "Jeon Woo Chi."

The film that the drama is based on became a sleeper hit in 2010, attracting more than 2.7 million viewers. It got positive reviews for its intelligent direction and well developed characters. The director won best screenplay at the 2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Kang Kyun Hoon will direct the 16-episode romantic comedy. He is known for his romantic film, "Happy Ending or Die." The drama script was written by Shin Jae Won, who worked on "Tamra: The Island."

So far, the flower boy drama series has had a succession of winners with "Flower By Ramen Shop," "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" and "Flower Boy Next Door." Hopefully, the new matchmaking drama, "Dating Agency: Cyrano" will be a good match.

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