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'Bluebird House' Chun Ho Jin Refuses To Acknowledge His Bad Deeds

BY Christine Han | Aug 11, 2015 11:03 PM EDT


In "Bluebird House" Chun Ho Jin started to get suspicious of Lee Joon Hyuk.  In the past, he had thought that Lee Joon Hyuk was one step below him.  Nonetheless, after realizing that Lee Joon Hyuk may know things that he didn't, he realized that he needed to stop underestimating him.

On the 49th episode of "Bluebird House" (script Ji Byung Hyun, director Choi Hyun Kyung) broadcast on August 8th, Jang Tae Soo (played by Chun Ho Jin) verified the fact that Kim Sang Joon (played by Kim Jung Hak) had wanted to give him the wealth that he was intending.

On this day, Kim Ji Wan (played by Lee Joon Hyuk) told Jang Tae Soo that in the past, Kim Sang Joon wanted to give all the managerial roles to Jang Tae Soo. Jang Tae Soo was at a loss of words and went to the legal advisor of Tae Soo industries, which had been Kim Ji Wan's father's company.  The legal advisor said, "Well he said that he would give you the leadership role of president, so it's pretty much like giving you full control, isn't it?"  With that, he revealed the truth which had shocked Jang Tae Soo like none other.

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