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"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Other Love Stories Around Lee Jung Jin and Eugene

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 30, 2013 04:12 PM EDT


"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" There is the Sun Woo sun and Park Young Kyu couple in this drama that is causing trouble as well.

April 28, an episode of the MBC weekend drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" featured all the family members discovering that Kang Jin (Park Young Kyu) and Uhm Gi Ok (Sun Woo Sun) are romantically involved.

The Uhm family members tell him to leave since they do not approve of their relationship. In order to break up with her, Kang Jin tells Uhm Gi Ok, "I approached you because of your money."

When Uhm Gi Ok hears that Kang Jin is moving out, she follows after him and says, "Don't you love me as well?" No matter how hard she tried to hold on to his love, he had no choice but to move on.

Uhm Ki Choon (Kwon Oh Joong) sees the whole thing however and makes a huge scene. He grabs on to Kang Jin's collar and says, "How dare you look at my sister that way." Uhm Ki Choon throws a punch and Kang Jin but Uhm Ki Ok gets in the way and faints from getting punched..

After this incident, the whole family finds out about the relationship. Even though they are truly in love, it will be hard to get permission from her family members since there is such a big age gap between them.

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