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Park Hyung Sik Slimmed Down But Did Not Get Plastic Surgery For 'High Society'

BY Julie Jones | Aug 19, 2015 10:33 AM EDT


The already attractive Park Hyung Sik felt the need to fine-tune his looks before playing the heir Yoo Chang Soo in the recent drama "High Society." And that led to some false rumors that he had plastic surgery.

In a recent interview with the Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports, the ZE:A singer, actor and "Real Men" star spoke about his preparation for the role. While some of that preparation involved slimming down and watching his sodium intake, he denied getting plastic surgery.

"I have not really taken good care of myself until now," said Park. "I would eat no matter how late it was and just sleep. My face was always bloated and looking fatter. Before I started filming for the drama, I started to focus on taking care of myself. I worked out and ate chicken breast, and avoided sodium intake. That made it look like I had a sharper jaw line and bigger eyes. I felt like a new me."

His charming character, appealing good looks and the chemistry with his co-star Lim Ji Yeon added a lot to the drama but he claims that he was only a small part of the drama's success. He knew the drama would shine when he first read the script. As to his own performance, he said he was just lucky that he fit so well with his character.

"I'm not so certain that I will get such a compliment again in my next piece. I feel happy that many applauded my performance, but I will never be arrogant based on such reviews. I have to continue working as hard as I have been in the past."

In the last three years, the singer-turned-actor has appeared in a range of dramas, including "Persevere, Goo Hae Ra," "What Happens To My Family," "The Heirs," and "Nine: Nine Times Time Travel." He won a 2014 KBS Drama Award for his role in "What Happens To My Family" and a Best Couple award fro the same drama.

He likes to try new things and next he might like to try a film.

"I really want to do a movie. I especially like Korea's own noir genre. And some time, I also want to play a very masculine role. But I think I want to do all that when the time is right. I still lack in many things, so I just want to keep working at it."

And he would not mind working with Lim Ji Yeon again. In an interview with the Korean media outlet Naver TV, he said he would like to do another romantic comedy with her, but a real one.

"Not a cute couple like Chang Soo and Ji Yi from 'High Society,' but a 'life or death' romantic comedy. I think it would be fun. I think we could show off a different type of chemistry than that of 'High Society.'"

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