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ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik Succeeds At Time Travel

BY Joan MacDonald | May 07, 2013 09:37 AM EDT


ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik recently finished filming his part in the tvN series "Nine: Nine Time Travels," drawing rave reviews from his producer. His character, the young Park Sun Woo, last appears in the 19th episode. According to the drama's producer, Kim Young Kyu, Park has really matured an actor throughout the series.

"He's an actor that grows every day," said Kim.

"Nine: Nine Time Travels" is a series about a TV anchorman, who uses magical incense to travel back in time, where he hopes to prevent family tragedies. With every trip, he changes history in unexpected ways, both repairing and damaging his present existence. Lee Jin Wook plays the anchorman as an adult.

In several scenes, the two actors meet when the adult Park Sun Woo tries to convince his teenage self to alter history. In one episode, the adult Sun Woo must travel back to protect his teenage self.

Park Hyung Sik is quickly building up a resume of acting credentials. He previously had roles in the KBS drama "Sirius," and the MBC drama "Dummy Mommy," and also had cameo appearances in "You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly," "Gloria" and "Prosecutor Princess."

Although he is best known as a one of the nine-member boy band ZE:A, Park was not cast because of his idol status.

"We searched for Lee Jin Wook's child role through a strict audition process," said Kim Young Kyu. "Popular idols and actors auditioned under the same conditions, and we saw that Park Hyung Sik looked like a young Lee Jin Wook. We cast him for his acting skills."

The young actor worked hard to prepare for the role.

"Though he's an idol, he has great potential to grow as an actor," said Kim Young Kyu. "He will definitely be successful."

"We're sad this episode will Park Hyung Sik's last," said the actor's agency, Star Empire Entertainment. "Even though he will only appear up to the 19th episode, he will watch the final episode."

If Park Hyung Sik has been following the story line, he will be curious to see how it turns out. Every episode of the drama has been full of unexpected plot developments, and rumor has it that the final episode will deliver another surprise twist in the story.

"I was so surprised at the script that I asked screenwriter Song Jae Jung whether we really should do this," said Kim Young Kyu. "Nothing you can imagine will be like the real thing."

Tune in along with Park Hyung Sik to find out what happens to his character. And if you haven't yet seen this drama, check it out on or

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