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Kim Nam Gil Joins 'A Murderer's Guide To Memorization'

BY Julie Jones | Aug 25, 2015 02:18 PM EDT


When the daughter of a serial killer chooses a boyfriend, it turns out that he may also have murder on his mind. Was she looking for someone who reminded her of dear old dad?

All of the relationships that the character Eun Hee has in the film "A Murderer's Guide to Memorization" are complicated by murder.

Her dad Byung Soo is a serial killer who is losing his memories due to Alzheimer's disease. He has not killed anyone in 25 years and he's a devoted dad to the daughter he stole from one of his victims. He has begun having problems with simple things, such as making phone calls, and he used to be a perfectionist when it came to committing crimes. He recorded his crimes in a journal and reenacted them. Each time he strove to do better.

But in an effort to protect his daughter he decides to commit one last murder. He has to succeed because the victim is none other than his daughter's boyfriend, who may or may not be trying to kill her. Sol Kyung Gu plays the aging serial killer, who struggles to control his wandering thoughts and commit one final perfect crime.

Kim Nam Gil plays Tae Joo, the boyfriend who may have murder on his mind. Tae Joo is already a suspect in another murder. Unfortunately Byung Soo's daughter is in love with Tae Joo and is reluctant to suspect him of anything.

AOA's Kim Seol Hyun plays Eun Hee, Tae Joo's girlfriend and Byung Soo's daughter. Eun Hee does not know that her father is a serial killer or the man who murdered her parents. Nor does she suspect that her boyfriend may have ulterior motives in trying to get close to her. Singer-turned actress Seol Hyun had her first leading role in the recent vampire drama "Orange Marmalade."

Sol Kyung Gu is best known for the "Public Enemy" film series and his recent films include "Lucid Dream" and "The Long Way Home."

It's also the latest in a succession of film roles for Kim Nam Gil, who recently appeared in the films "Shameless" with Jeon Do Yeon and "Pirates" with Son Ye Jin. His last drama was two years ago when he played a man out for revenge in "Shark."

 "A Murderer's Guide To Memorization" is based on a 2013 novel of the same name by award-winning writer Kim Young Ha.

Won Sin Yeon, who directed the films "The Suspect" and "Seven Days" is directing "A Murderer's Guide To Memorization." Filming begins in late September and the film will be released in South Korea in 2016.

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