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Kim Hee Sun Will Play A Queen In 'Ice Fantasy'

BY Julie Jones | Sep 10, 2015 09:06 AM EDT


Kim Hee Sun is about to make her small-screen debut in China.

Her agency, Hinge Entertainment, recently confirmed that she was cast in the drama, "Ice Fantasy," an adaptation of the best-selling novel "Ice Fantasy" by Guo Jing Ming.

"Kim will appear in the Chinese TV series 'Ice Fantasy' as Queen Yeonhi," said a Hinge Entertainment representative. "Yeonhi is a beautiful woman with a mysterious family background who plays a significant role in the plot of the drama."

Kim was originally offered the lead role but decided that the queen was a more interesting character.

"We actually invited Kim Hee Sun for a lead role, but she was attracted to the role of Yeonhi, and wanted to challenge herself in a new role," a representative of the drama's production team told the Korean media outlet Yonhap News.

The lead roles will be played by f(x)'s Victoria, who was born in China, and Chinese actor William Feng.

The story is set in a land known as the "Empire of Snow" and concerns a battle for the throne between two brothers. The Ice Tribe brothers are exiled from their kingdom after a war with the Fire Tribe. The older brother Ka Suo is an illusionist who can create ice sculptures from water. When he returns to his kingdom he falls for a sorceress but can't marry her because the kings of the Ice Tribe can only marry mermaids.

The drama will differ from the novel in that it will focus more on the romance between Ka Suo and his sorceress.

Kim Hee Sun, 38, is currently up for a Seoul Drama Award. She was nominated for her role as a mom who returns to high school to protect her teen daughter from bullies in "Angry Mom." Her other recent dramas include "Wonderful Days" and "Faith The Great Doctor."

While Kim Hee Sun has not acted in a Chinese drama before, she has been in two Chinese action films, "The Myth" and "The Warring States."

She played Princess Ok Soo in "The Myth." Princess Ok Soo is on her way to China to marry the emperor when a warrior tries to kidnap her. Meng Yi, played by Jackie Chan, saves her and she falls in love with him.

Kim Hee Sun has box office appeal in China. She played Pang Fen in the film "The Warring States, which reached first place in the Chinese box office within six days. The film earned $11.8 million worldwide.

Oscar-winning Hollywood art director Dan Hennah, who worked on "The Hobbit trilogy, The Return of the King," is reported to have joined the production team, promising excellent special effects.



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