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'Assembly' Song Yoon Ah Rejects Blue House

BY Christine Han | Sep 18, 2015 01:07 AM EDT

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In "Assembly" Song Yoon Ah got a love call from the Blue House.  On this day, the Bae Dahl Soo law was being blocked by the president.  What will she do?

On the final episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Assembly" (script Jung Hyun Min), In Kyung (played by Song Yoon Ah) was in confusion as she received a love call from the Blue House.  On this day, Choon Sup had put into action, the veto actions of the president.  At this, the legislative branch was up in arms.  How could the president blatantly go against what the people wanted.  Nonetheless, unless two thirds of the legislative branch approved, this bill would be nothing worthwhile.  Therefore, many said that this had zero possibility.

The majority party had already gone awol.  At this, Chan Mi (played by Kim Suh Hyung) said, "I think they're trying to avoid responsibility and analyzed the situation.  Such was because the burden was extremely large.  At this, In Kyung said, "the Bae Dahl Soo law, I think this is the end.  Next year when you run again, you should just raise it then."  He said this with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, during this process, In Kyung received a love call from the Blue House.  Nonetheless, In Kyung rejected this right away.  Sang Pil tried to release him after hearing the news but she said adamantly, "I'm going to stay on like a piece of gum.  You watch."

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