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'Yong Pal' Joo Won Asks To Stop Revenge

BY Christine Han | Sep 19, 2015 01:40 AM EDT

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In "Yong Pal" Joo Won told Kim Tae Hee to stop the revenge that she was trying to seek.

On the 14th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Yong Pal" broadcast on September 17th, Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee) started officially acting as the representative of the Hanshin Group.

After taking care of President Ko, Yeo Jin started to handle persons that had kept her in the dark for three years.  This included President Han as well as others that were related that she had put in the dark.

Seeing this, Tae Hyun (played by Joo Won) said, "I have a favor to ask you.  Please just stop all of this revenge.  Please don't touch Director Lee.  Stop this."  Then, he said, "I know it all.  I know that you're trying to kill Director Lee."

Nonetheless, Yeo Jin said that this was all for them.  Tae Hyun said, "That's not the just thing to do.  That's just murder."  With that, they were in conflict.

Meanwhile, "Yong Pal" features the story of a talented surgeon.  He adopts the name of Yong Pal to provide his skills for those in need but then finds himself dealing with criminal and corrupt plutocrats in this politically infused drama.

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