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Rookie Watch: Son Na Eun

BY Julie Jones | Sep 28, 2015 10:31 AM EDT


Technically Son Na Eun is not really a rookie. She acted in several roles before playing the sweetly insistent Oh Hye Mi in "Twenty Again. But for many viewers this may be her breakout drama role. As the girlfriend of Choi Ji Woo's onscreen son, played by Kim Min Jae, she's vivacious and charming.

At first her college student character was reluctant to get close to Choi Ji Woo's older college student character but she came to admire her as the show progressed.

A member of the group A Pink, Son Na Eun made her acting debut in the historical drama, "The Great Seer." She played the younger version of Kim So Yeon's character, Hae In, a healer. She followed that role with appearances in the dramas "Salamander Guru" and "Childless Comfort" as well as the films "Marrying the Mafia 5: Return of the Family" and "The Miracle."

She's also known for her appearance on episodes of the 2013-2014 virtual marriage show "We Got Married," where she was paired with SHINee's Taemin. Both singer-actors were under 20. She and Tae Min were the youngest couple in the history of "We Got Married." For her "We Got Married" appearance she won an MBC Star of the Year award at the MBC Entertainment awards.

She grew fond of her partner Taemin, saying he was the "most special person she ever liked."

Son Na Eun does not just appear in A Pink's music videos. She appeared in Beast's "Breath", "Beautiful" and "I Like You The Best" music videos in late 2010, then Huh Gak's "The Person Who Once Loved Me" and "It Hurts" music videos in 2012. She was also seen in Speed's "Sad Promise" and "It's Over" music videos in 2013.

In an interview with the magazine Arena, Son admitted that she started out being quite introverted. Acting in dramas helped her feel more comfortable with people.

"When I first debuted, I got that kind of reaction. My friends' moms would ask 'Did Na Eun debut?' and would be really shocked. I was able to meet a lot of people. However, without it being my intention, because of my personality misunderstandings would occur. So I'd say to myself 'I need to change it!' My personality changed a lot while I was filming a drama. Since I played a bright character in 'Childless Comfort,' my personality became brighter as well."

Watching Son Na Eun play such a bright gregarious character in "Twenty Again," it's hard to imagine she was ever shy.

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