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Kdrama Actors That 2NE1 Loves

BY Joan MacDonald | Jul 08, 2013 09:42 AM EDT


2NE1's bouncy new summer song, "Falling in Love" is all about-what else-falling in love. And both of the actors who appear in the music video as the objects of the girl group's affections can be seen in current kdramas.

Check out the video on youtube and you will see Hong Jong Hyun, who currently plays Moo Jin, the shy tech guy managing all the dating surveillance on "Dating Agency: Cyrano" and Lee Soo Hyuk, who plays Kim Soo Hyun, a secretive prosecutor's assistant on the drama "Shark."

Neither of these actors is a stranger to music videos. Hong Jong Hyun has appeared in videos for Sentimental Scenery and Epitone. Lee Soo Hyuk previously appeared in a 2NE1 video for the song "It Hurts" and the "What's Up?" video for BigBang's Daesang.

Both actors have also had drama and film roles before and this video appearance will only help them become more popular. Hong Jong Yun played Jong Hyun in the drama "Vampire Idol," Seo Chan Wi in "Jen Woo Chi" and Geon Ryong Wie in the film "A Frozen Flower."

Lee Soo Hyuk debuted as a model and his distinctive good looks have earned him cover shots for GQ, Bazaar and Elle. Style Minutes voted him one of the "13 Top Breakout New Male Faces" during the 2013 Fall/Winter London and Paris fashion weeks. He also appeared in a few dramas, including playing Yoon Soo in "White Christmas," Yoon Pyeong in "Deep-Rooted Tree" and Soo Hyeok in "Vampire Idol." He was in the films "The Boy From Ipanema" and "Runaway Cop."

It's no surprise that he wound up in 2NE1's video as he pals around with 2NE1 and their label mates BigBang's Gdragon and T.O.P. He and T.O.P. often discuss acting and they have all been known to offer each other style advice.

"Ever since I was little I dreamed of becoming an entertainer; back then I just learned by playing," said Lee Soo Hyuk. "I'm still a rookie but I'm heading in the right direction and it helps to have such a great group of good-looking friends."

It's hard to tell exactly who is crushing on whom in the 2NE1 video. There are two guys and four members of 2NE1. It will be hard for the guys to choose which member of 2NE1 is more pretty or talented. Minzy is such a great dancer and Dara is striking as a blond, but no one can top Bom's voice or CL's style. After lots of singing and dancing, the entire group does manage to get a smile out of Hong Jong Hyun.

"You're mine, boy," sings CL.

But which one will Hong Jong Hyun choose?

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