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Mar 19, 2014 11:32 AM EDT
What Does Lee Min Ho Think Of His Famous Line “Do I Like You?” From “The Heirs”?
Love it or hate it, Lee Min Ho’s line “Do I like you?” from the drama “The Heirs” is one of the most famous drama lines of 2014, but what does the actor personally think of it?
Lee Min Ho
Mar 18, 2014 11:17 AM EDT
Fans Vote Lee Min Ho As The Number One Korean Actor In China
The Chinese fans have spoken! Lee Min Ho is named as the number one Korean actor in China, besting some of the most popular actors of his generation.
Kim Rae Won
Mar 18, 2014 11:13 AM EDT
Kim Rae Won Makes A Comeback With The Movie “Gangnam Blues”
Actor Kim Rae Won will be making his much awaited comeback with the movie "Gangnam Blues".
You Who Came From The Stars
Mar 14, 2014 11:26 AM EDT
Best Kisses So Far In 2014?
Kim Soo Hyun and Jin Ji Hyun may win the prize as his character risked his health to kiss hers.
Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho
Mar 12, 2014 01:58 PM EDT
Lee Min Ho V. Kim Soo Hyun? Who Is More Popular In China?
Both actors have a huge fan base in China.
Park Shin Hye
Mar 12, 2014 11:38 AM EDT
Park Shin Hye Is A Hard-Working Student
The actress is back at school and working hard.
Kim Sul Hyun
Mar 11, 2014 01:34 PM EDT
This Actress Gets To Call Lee Min Ho Oppa
Kim Sul Hyun will play Lee Min Ho's younger sister in "Gangnam Blues"
Lee Min Ho
Mar 10, 2014 02:44 PM EDT
Lee Min Ho Is Thankful For His 20 Million Weibo Followers
The actor's Weibo followers have doubled since November.
Lee Min Jung
Mar 08, 2014 12:34 PM EST
Five Fun Facts About Lee Min Jung
The star of "Cunning Single Lady" got into acting relatively late.
I Need Romance 3
Mar 05, 2014 10:16 AM EST
The Best Reason To Like The Noona Romance
Why are noona romances so popular? Here's one reason.
Feb 27, 2014 10:04 AM EST
Six Times You Might Wish You Were In A K-Drama
Some situations work out better if a k-drama writer is determining your fate.
Park Hae Jin
Feb 26, 2014 10:43 AM EST
Can You See Anyone Else In The Role?
When an actor seems perfect in a role, it's hard to imagine anyone else playing that part. But someone did.
Lee Min Ho
Feb 26, 2014 10:36 AM EST
Lee Min Ho's Fans Must Be Patient
The actor had to postpone some fan meetings to focus on his upcoming film.
Lee Min Ho
Feb 24, 2014 10:10 AM EST
Lee Min Ho Talks About Love, Emotions And Happiness
In an interview with China's Cosmopolitan, the star of "The Heirs" revealed that he is not ruled by his emotions.
Park Hae Jin
Feb 23, 2014 09:43 AM EST
K-Drama Actors Known For Their Good Deeds
Park Hae Jin is the latest actor to use his fame for good.

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