Oct 06, 2014 | 09:16 AM EDT

Jo In Sung On Break-Up With Kim Min Hee, “I Don’t Understand Women”

BY Chin D

Actor Jo In Sung made headlines following the announcement of his break-up with actress Kim Min Hee, and for the first time, he speaks up about the reason why they ended their relationship.

On October 4, Jo In Sung was invited as a guest speaker in the "Park Kyung Lim's Talk Concert," which was held at the Ewha Women's University in Seoul.

Upon entering the venue, the audience, which was made up of approximately 700 females, erupted in a cheer, showing just how popular the actor is among the female demographic.

During the event, he actively participated and interacted with the audience, even going as far as comforting an audience member who talked about her experience with a broken marriage.

When asked he wanted to say something to the women present at the talk show, he admitted, alluding to his recently reported break-up, "There's not much I know about women. Because of this, I broke up with someone a few months ago."

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He was talking about his break-up with actress Kim Min Hee, whom he had a relationship with for one year and six months.

The actor continued, "Even towards my mother, I don't know much about how she thinks. I don't know understand women, which is why I became separated with that person.  If I knew something about them, I would be good at being a boyfriend. I realized then that I should never make the same mistake in a relationship."

Before he left, he said, "I want to thank everyone for inviting me to such an event. I feel like I will be leaving with the positive energy that the audience gave me. The females are mothers, wives, daughters, and women, and I think they're all amazing."

He concluded by saying, "In the end, I don't think men can ever understand women, and they will continue to be confused about women until the end of time," eliciting laughter from the viewers.

Jo In Sung recently starred in the drama "It's Okay, It's Love," which concluded on September 11.

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