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Video Offers Glimpse Of Pool Scenes In "No Breathing"

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 23, 2013 12:37 PM EDT


Lee Jong Suk’s fans may enjoy the minute of film footage that’s now available for his upcoming film, “No Breathing.” The film, which also stars Seo in Guk and Girls Generation member Kwon Yuri, is about competitive swimmers so those brief scenes take place at the pool.

In “No Breathing,” Lee Jong Suk plays Woo Sang, a national swimmer who needs to be the best. Seo in Guk is a swimming prodigy whose skills are a little rusty but who decides to give the sport another go. In this film, the two become rivals for the number one spot in a swimming competition and for the girl, their childhood friend played by Kwon Yuri.

Lee Jong Suk almost didn’t take this role, not because he didn’t like the script, but because he could not swim.

“I couldn’t swim at all,” said the actor. “I couldn’t even float on the water before.”

But the director talked him into it, telling him that swimming is one of the few sports where it’s easy to use a stunt double when filming. Eventually Lee was convinced. After a few lessons, he quickly learned the basics.

“When I actually started filming, it wasn’t such a big deal,” said Lee. “I continued training before filming and mastered freestyle swimming although I wasn’t able to perfect diving and artistic turns.”

As soon as filming ends, he will start work on his next film, “Boiling Youth,” which is set in the1980s in Heongsong. He also currently appears in the historical film “The Face Reader,” as the son of the court face reader, a man skilled in judging people based on their facial features.

Lee Jong Suk is getting plenty of drama and film offers thanks to the success of his most recent drama “I Hear Your Voice” with co-stars Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun. Even though his filming schedule kept him from accompanying the cast on their vacation to Thailand, he plans on getting out of the pool to attend Lee Bo Young’s Sept. 27 wedding to actor Ji Sung.

He refers to her as noona, because, despite playing her love interest in “I Hear Your Voice,” he sees her as an older sister.

“Noona asked me to make time for her wedding,” he said. “She really is like an older sister to me. Even my ‘I Hear Your Voice’ family said as much. It feels like I am sending my older sister off to get married.”

After the wedding its back to the film set and whatever new skills he must master.

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