Kim Woo Bin And Model Yoo Ji Ahn Never Tried To Hide Their Relationship

Kim Woo Bin

In the latest stills for "The Heirs," Kim Woo Bin may only have eyes for Park Shin Hye but fans now know that in real life, his attention is focused on fashion model Yoo Ji Ahn.

According to a representative from his agency, Sidus HQ, the two have been dating for a while. And they never tried to hide the fact.

"Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn have dated for two years," said the Sidus HQ representative. "The two got to know each other while Kim Woo Bin was modeling."

The couple has been seen in public together and has been openly affectionate with each other. As a result, their relationship was not a secret to their friends or to people in the fashion industry. However, a recent article about them attracted attention and prompted a response from his agency.

When his agency was asked how the actor felt about going public with his relationship, the representative said, "Kim Woo Bin is not the type to try and hide anything, so he and Yoo Ji Ahn would freely walk around the streets together. He does not feel uncomfortable about going public with his relationship. A young man and woman meeting in such a natural way is not something to be secretive about."

Sources say that the friendship between Kim, 24, and Yoo, 25 began at a magazine photo shoot and that she helped him make the transition from model to actor.

Kim was a model before his debut in the KBS drama White Christmas." He had a role in "Gentleman's Dignity" and then a leading role in "School 2013." He just finished his first big screen role in "Friend 2," the sequel to the film "Friend" and will soon play the role of an heir in the drama "The Heirs," with Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. Kim was also the emcee for "M! Countdown" in August.

With her slim, elegant five foot-nine-inches figure, Yoo Ji Ahn has modeled on the runway for such top designers as Chanel and Dior and appeared in many magazines and commercials.

The announcement certainly dispelled the rumors that Kim was having a relationship with his "School 2013" co-star Lee Jong Suk. On the "Entertainment Relay" show Kim responded to those rumors.

"I know that there has been talk about us having a relationship," said Kim Woo Bin. "I think our friendship on the set of 'School 2013' contributed to that."

The two actors have been friends since they modeled together. Rumors were further fueled when they won a "Best Couple Award" for their affectionate scenes in "School 2013."

But now that Kim Woo Bin has admitted to dating Yoo Ji Ahn, netizens will have to find someone else to ship Lee Jong Suk with.

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