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Five K-Dramas In Which A Character Inhabited Another Body

BY Julie Jones | Dec 29, 2015 09:27 AM EST


The upcoming drama "Please Come Back Mister" stars Rain as a store manager who died but gets seven days to come back and take care of unfinished  business. The catch is that he has to do it in another body. That body belongs to a man previously thought of as dorky but once he is possessed by the character Rain plays, he becomes charming and personable.

The plot of this upcoming drama that also stars Lee Min Jung led to us to think about how many k-dramas use the idea of bodily possession in their plots. It's yet another way to ask the question, "What if?" What if the person got a second chance? And in some cases, what if I could truly see what it's like to be another person and see things from their perspective?

Here are four more k-dramas that use the ideas of bodily possession.

"49 Days"

This drama, starring Jung Il Woo, Lee Yo Won, Bae Soo Bin and Nam Gyu Ri, explores several serious questions. Should you envy another person's life. What values should you judge your life by? If you had another chance to make people love you, what would you do? Nam Gyu Ri plays a woman who thinks she lives a perfect life before she is injured in a car accident and falls into a coma. Lee Yo Won plays a woman trying to kill herself in traffic. Nam Gyu Ri's character gets to live in Lee Yo Won's body for 49 days to see if anyone ever truly loved her. If she can get three teardrops of pure love from people other than her family, she can live.

"Oh My Ghostess"

This romantic comedy takes a more comical approach to the idea of bodily possession. Park Bo Young's character is a skilled but shy chef, who has one unusual ability. She can talk to ghosts. That's how she gets possessed by a ghost played by Kim Seul Gi. As Kim Seul Gi's ghost died without ever experiencing love, she is so desperate to have that experience she possesses the body of Park Bo Young's character. This naturally leads to some embarrassing exchanges with the handsome head chef played by Jo Jung Suk.

"Mr. Back"

In this body exchange drama, a 70-year-old man does not wind up in another person's body but is rather surprised to find himself in his 30-year-old body. Since he spent his whole life amassing wealth, he never had the chance to fall in love. Shin Ha Kyun plays the older and younger versions of himself. Jang Na Ra plays the part time employee he falls for. Lee Joon plays his heir and son, with whom he previously had a troubled relationship. Now he has a chance to form a better relationship with his son. The drama asks the question, what would you do if you could do it all over again, knowing what you know now?

"Secret Garden"

In this drama there is a double body swap and it's between two people who are dating. The chaebol played by Hyun Bin and stuntwoman played by Ha Ji Won have just overcome their different backgrounds to decide to date when they must also contend with a body swap. He wakes up in her body and she in his. It does offer them an opportunity to see life from the other person's point of view. And the body swap makes each of them a better person.

If you could swap bodies with a k-drama character, who would it be? Let us know.

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