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Post-Paternity-Test Court Date Set For Kim Hyun Joong And Ex

BY Julie Jones | Jan 08, 2016 10:24 AM EST


Another court date has been set for Kim Hyun Joong and his ex, identified only as Ms. Choi. It will be the first time that the legal teams representing Kim and his ex meet following the court-ordered test to establish paternity of her child.

The test results showed that Kim Hyun Joong was 99.99 percent likely to be the child's father.

Some media sources are also reporting that Kim and Choi's mother will appear at the trial. Kim Hyun Joong has not been able to attend trials because he is serving his two-year-mandatory military service in Paju. He enlisted in May of 2015.

The Seoul Family Court set the date for February 26. The trial will debate which parent is best suited to have guardianship of the child and how much if any alimony and child support will be awarded.

Kim Hyun Joong's parents have previously stated that they will raise the child if Choi is not able to. Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer Lee Man Jae previously said that the actor-singer will be financially responsible for the child should it prove to be his.

Meanwhile the legal battles between Kim and Choi continue. In 2014 she filed four charges of assault against him, eventually dropping three after a financial settlement. He was fined for the remaining charge. The couple reunited and vacationed together only to break up again. In January 2015 she announced that she was pregnant and in September gave birth to her child.

In 2015 Choi filed a lawsuit claiming psychological damages resulting from a miscarriage she claims she suffered as a result of the one charge of assault in 2014. Kim's side denied that Choi was pregnant and had a miscarriage then and counter-sued because by discussing the assault she broke the terms of the settlement.

Kim has repeatedly refused to meet his ex or her legal team and he has not seen his child.

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