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Park Hyung Sik Targeted By Negative Online Comments

BY Julie Jones | Feb 04, 2016 02:17 PM EST


Actor Park Hyung Sik is the latest k-celeb to be targeted by malicious commenters.

His agency released a statement to the Korean media outlet Newsen, saying that they heard a fan had sued one of the people making negative comments but they had yet to get all the facts.

"We were informed that a fan sued a malicious commenter but we know nothing more than that," said an agency representative.

The agency is reportedly collecting evidence, looking for examples of negative comments about all of its artists.  That includes actor and Z:EA member Park Hyung Sik.

"We are doing so for Park Hyung Sik as well, and the agency plans to handle this on its own for now. Nothing specific is planned just yet."

If sufficient evidence is collected, Park Hyung Sik, star of the drama "High Society," could yet join the ranks of k-celebs filing a lawsuit against those making negative comments online.

The year is only a few weeks old and already a list of celebs are responding to slanderous comments with lawsuits. In the first week of Feburary, actors Park Shi Hoo and Shin Se Kyung both took legal action against netizens posting negative comments.

On February 3, Shin Se Kyung and her agency, Namoo Actors filed legal action against 20 online commenters for allegedly posting malicious rumors about her. The rumors alleged that Shin, the star of "Six Flying Dragons," flirted with many male actors.

On February 2 Park Shi Hoo, the star of "Neighborhood Hero," took legal action against 76 online commenters.

In January 2016, JYJ singer Kim Junsu and actor Lee Jung Jae both took action against slander by netizens. In the last months of 2015, singer-actress IU and her agency Loen Entertainment decided to pursue netizens who made negative remarks about the actress.

Increasingly actors and their agencies are choosing not to ignore negative comments made online. Derogatory statements that can damage a career are punishable by a fine and/or jail time. More actors are seeking that the guilty parties be punished.

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