Jung Il Woo Shares the Reason Why He Saved More Than 70k Photos in His Phone Gallery

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Jung Il Woo has more than seventy thousand photos in his phone. Read more to know the reason behind these photos.

In the recent and first episode of the Korean variety show "Phone Cleansing" the "Cinderella and the Four Knights" made a special appearance and shared some of his life journey with the cast.

Jung Il Woo Shared His Past Experiences in Life

MBC's "Phone Cleansing" is a new entertainment show that primarily helps the guests to reorganize their photos on their phones. And in the first episode of the show, they had actor Jung Il Woo.

While in the middle of conversation, the actor started to confess that he was diagnosed with partial amnesia and cerebral aneurysm before. Since then, he began to store thousands of photos with him. He shared all the pictures he has gathered in the past years, and said, "If I already get married and have the kids, I want to show all of these photos to them. So I kept these (travel photos)."

Jung Il Woo Has More Than 70,000 Thousand Photos and Considered it as Treasured Memories

With the help of the cast namely "Goblin's" Yoo In Na, DinDin, and Yoon Jong Shin, they successfully reduced the numbers of pictures on Jung Il Woo's phone from 70,987 to 7,000. The members were astounded at the amount of photos Il Woo has in his phone. And from that, he started to tell the story behind his past experiences.

According to him, "I was involved in a car accident before and suffered a partial amnesia. Because of what had happened, I decided to take a lot of photos because through pictures you can remember and reminisce every moment."

He went on, "That time I also experienced knowing my friends just by their face, but I can't really remember where I met them. However, not everything is erased from my memory, I can still remember some bits from my past memories."

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After sharing some of his challenging journey in life, the actor showed some of his precious memories with the members of the show. Jung Il Woo visited the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) in Spain three times. The cast asked him why the place meant so much to him.

Il Woo immediately replied, " I was in the middle of filming the drama 'Golden Rainbow' and had a bad headache. So I decided to see a doctor and after that I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. This illness is like having a bomb inside your head because if the blood vessels expand and ruptures, I could die of a cerebral hemorrhage."

He added that after he was diagnosed, Jung Il Woo suffered a severe depression. And the only place he thinks at that time is the "Camino de Santiago" . It is the place he has always wanted to visit since he was a kid. When he finally got the chance to visit the place, he learned how to enjoy every moment of the present.

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