JTBC Addresses Criticisms Surrounding Upcoming Drama 'Snowdrop' Starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo

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JTBC breaks its silence amid the allegations involving their upcoming Korean drama "Snowdrop."

Amid the public's uproar towards the SBS's "Joseon Exorcist," another period drama has made it to the headlines after being accused of historical distortion.

Set to premiere in the second half of 2021, "Snowdrop" gained the attention of the public after it was confirmed that BLACKPINK's Jisoo would star as the lead cast alongside "A Piece of Your Mind" star Jung Hae In.

JTBC Denies Romanticizing North Korean Spies  

In the official statement released by the network, JTBC explained that the forthcoming series is a "satirical black comedy about the presidential elections" set in the 1980s during a military regime.


In addition, "Snowdrop" is also considered as a melodrama that depicts the sacrifices of young men and women during this dark time.

As for the online criticisms, the network shared that they were receiving all sorts of judgment after the "incomplete synopsis" leaked online.

Moreover, the management pointed out that it was "taken out of context," and the rumors circulating were "based on mere speculation."

"In particular, accusations like "the drama will show a North Korean spy leading the pro-democracy movement" and "the drama made a real student activist into a character" and "the drama glamorizes the Agency of National Security Planning" are not only different from the drama's actual content but also far from the production staff's intention," the statement reads, as posted on their official Instagram account.

With this, JTBC denied the accusations that they were romanticizing North Korean spies and opposed that the management "disparages the pro-democracy movement."

The network concluded their statement by reiterating that "Snowdrop" is not related to "drama's actual content or the production's staff's intentions."

Furthermore, they humbly asked the viewers to refrain from making "reckless speculation" about the forthcoming series "that has not been revealed."

"Snowdrop's" Unfinished Synopsis Leaked Online

The JTBC's announcement came after unreleased parts of "Snowdrop" began to circulate online.

In a report, the leaked parts contain stories about the male character, who is posed as a young activist but works as a secret spy and managed to infiltrate an activist movement.

On the other hand, another make character is said to be a team leader at the Agency for National Security Planning (NSP.)

To recall, the 1980s was a pivotal turn for South Korea's popular democratic movement that paved the way to the country's fight against the authoritarian regime and the start of the nation's democracy.

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"Snowdrop" Sparks Outrage from Netizens

With this, netizens and K-drama viewers blasted the show for allegedly distorting the history and "selling the country for money."

Furthermore, the public stressed that the synopsis of "Snowdrop" is degrading and mocking Korean history by "romanticizing" the murders of student protestors.

"Snowdrop" Refuse to Accept Sponsorship Amid the Controversy

Amid the controversy, an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang cited that the JTBC's upcoming period drama will not be welcoming sponsorship during the duration of the show.

Rather than sponsorship, "Snowdrop" will be accepting virtual advertisements and production support.

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Written by Geca Wills

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