Lee Byung Hun Receives a Heartfelt Gift from High School Classmates on the Set of Upcoming Film ‘Concrete Utopia’

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Lee Byung Hun was overwhelmed with the surprise that he received on the set of his upcoming movie "Concrete Utopia."

Over his social media, the award-winning actor revealed that his high school classmates sent him a coffee truck.

In a series of photos, the "Mr. Sunshine" star posted a snap as he thanked his batchmates for the delightful present.

"Thank you and nice to meet you, friends!" Lee Byung Hun's Instagram caption reads followed by hashtags #20thcenturyhighschoolstudent #Concrete Utopia'88Olympics #MiddleEastHighSchool and #Concreteutopia.

Apart from the food truck, another surprising treat for the Hallyu actor are the banners with his old photos accompanied by witty captions.

Some of the phrases include "I support actor Lee Byung-hun and all the actors and staff of Concrete Utopia," as well as "I prepared this for you, Byung-hun" and "The 81st Middle East 3rd Grade 7th Class" together with his black and white that draw the attention.

The 50-year-old South Korean star has been receiving food trucks here and there during their filming session of his forthcoming sci-fi drama "Concrete Utopia."

Lee Byung Hun "Embarrassed" by His Throwback Photo on the set of "Concrete Utopia"

Prior to his post, the "Beautiful Days" actor shared a photo of a food truck banner with his black and white baby photo wearing a graduation hat and robe.

Over Lee Byung Hun's Instagram, he jokingly said that he felt "embarrassed" by the throwback snap.

"I got in trouble...out of embarrassment, But thank you for the delicious coffee," the caption reads.

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Lee Byung Hun Joins Powerhouse Cast of "Concrete Utopia"

Multiple outlets previously shared that the upcoming movie began its filming session on April 16.

Aside from Lee Byung Hun, A-listers Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young stars in the much-awaited film.

"Concrete Utopia" is set to be a new disaster thriller based on the popular webtoon "Joyful Outcast."

Helmed and written by the "Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned" director Uhm Tae Hwa, the movie follows the story of a group of survivors at Hwang Goong Apartments, after a devastating earthquake rocked Seoul.

Lee Byung Hun plays Young Tak, who acts as the leader of the group. He was described as a fearless and decisive leader who is eager to protect the residents of Hwang Goong Apartments from outsiders.

Meanwhile, the South Korean heartthrob portrays a hard-working civil servant named Min Sung.

He was chosen by Young Tak to be his right hand to look after their fellow residents.

On the other hand, "Concrete Utopia" will be Park Bo Young's comeback on the big screen after the 2018 movie "On Your Wedding Day."

She will play Park Seo Joon's on-screen wife, Myung Hwa, who is a former nurse.

 Lee Byung Hun's Upcoming Drama and Film

Aside from the highly anticipated disaster thriller movie, Lee Byung Hun has a long list of upcoming dramas and films.

This includes the tvN drama "Here" with Shin Min Ah and Nam Joo Hyuk, as well as the Netflix original "Our Blues."

As for movies, Lee Byung Hun will also star in the forthcoming film "The Match" with Yoo Ah In and Moon Jung Hee

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