‘Nevertheless’ Star Han So Hee Flaunts Charming Vibe as She Graces 1st Look No. 221 Magazine

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Han So Hee 1st Look

Han So Hee surprised her fans with stunning visuals as she appeared in 1st Look No. 221 magazine.

The 26-year-old actress exudes a fresh and charming aura donning a spring-ready style.

Han So Hee
(Photo : Han So Hee / News 1)

Han So Hee Selected as STONEHENgE Jewelry Brand Ambassador

Interestingly, "The World of Married" actress is also the new face of jewelry brand STONEHENgE.

As always, the actress nailed the campaign shoot with her unique and fierce look that compliments the romantic atmosphere.

A series of photos were shared over 1st Look No. 221's official Instagram alongside a caption that reads, "I met actor Han Sohee who came back with the drama 'I Know.' Han Sohee's bright smile filled the photoshoot.

Check out the perfect harmony between Han So-hee and Stonehenge Jewelry in First Look No. 221, which goes well with the green season and summer. Also, please look forward to Han Sohee's beauty film and interview video."

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Han So Hee's Upcoming Drama "Nevertheless"

The actress' latest campaign shoot came ahead of her new drama "Nevertheless" opposite Song Kang.

(Photo : JTBC Official Twitter)

Helmed by director Kim Ga Ram and written by "At a Distance, Spring Is Green" screenwriter Jung Won, the upcoming JTBC drama is slated to debut on June 19 and will be the newest Saturday drama.

In "Nevertheless," Han So Hee plays a timid art college student named Yoo Na Bi who had a bitter experience over her first love.

With this, she doesn't believe in love and fate anymore until she meets the boy next door Park Jae Uhn, played by Song Kang.

The "Navillera" star's character is described as someone who is a master of push and pull--this means that Park Jae Uhn enjoys flirting but is not ready to commit to a serious relationship.

In addition, he built a wall around him, and despite being friendly and cheerful towards others, he doesn't get easily swept up with his emotions.

Aside from the duo, the "Nevertheless" cast also includes Chae Jong Hyeop as Yang Do Hyuk, who might be caught up in a love triangle between Han So Hee and Song Kang's character.

Joining the trio are Yang Hye Ji, Han Eu Ddeum, Lee Yeol Eum, Kim Min Gwi, and more.

Han So Hee Among South Korea's Up and Coming Stars

The 26-year-old actress is slowly gaining the public's attention through her impressive acting skills.

After her acting debut in 2017 in "Reunited Worlds" and "Money Flower," Han So Hee received a positive response from the viewers with her astounding portrayal of the young mistress Yeo Da Kyung in the mega-hit JTBC drama "The World of the Married."

She worked alongside the veteran stars Kim Hee Ae and "Arthdal Chronicles" actor Park Hae Joon.

Aside from "Nevertheless", she is also set to lead the upcoming action-drama "My Name" with Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon.

Seemingly, Han So Hee has several endorsements under her belt.

Besides being the newest ambassador of STONEHENgE jewelry, she is also the muse of the New York-based luggage company Joy Gryson as well as Ritz and health and beauty brand Biotherm.

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