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The cover in this year's Cosmopolitan Magazine August Issue is none other than the singer-actor Rowoon of SF9. After the photoshoot, he sat down with the fashion magazine and talked about his new historical drama 'Yeonmo,' growth as an idol and an actor, and more in an exclusive interview.

Rowoon recalled how much he's done in a whole year after realizing he decorated last year's Cosmopolitan cover to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the fashion magazine. He said, "It's been a year already. I've filmed a drama, album preparations, and my group and I are about to come back."

SF9's Rowoon for Cosmopolitan Korea August Issue
(Photo : SF9 Rowoon Instagram | Cosmpolitan Korea)

Since the photoshoot's theme was all about traveling, Rowoon shared where he would like to go first when the coronavirus crisis subsides. He shared, "It doesn't matter where. For me, traveling is not something I'd do if not for my schedule. I used to travel domestically but I can't do that now so I feel chained."

He also shared that he is not one to plan ahead when he travels. "There's something about traveling with no plans at all. I'm not the type of person who feels satisfied when my plans go according to plan." He added with a chuckle, "When I go, nothing ever goes as planned anyway."

SF9's Rowoon, The Idol Who Writes Poems

Just as many other idols, Rowoon is fond of reading books. His favourite book that left a mark in his memory was 'The Courage to Be Disliked 2'. He said, "The first book was about a pessimistic young man who was looking for a philosopher, then you get a big realization and go out to explore the world in a different light."

SF9's Rowoon for Cosmopolitan Korea August Issue
(Photo : SF9 Rowoon Instagram | Cosmpolitan Korea)

He added, "The second book is when the young man applies the things he has learned from the philosopher to his life. The first book was good but the second one was more realistic, so I like it better than the former."

However, not many fans know he also writes poems. When asked about his poems, he answered, "It's not something I do everyday. It's just a hobby I do when I have the time. I write things down like a diary when I'm on my veranda. My thoughts are organized and sometimes, I think of turning those poems into song lyrics."

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SF9's Rowoon and The Truth About His Height

The 'Where Stars Land' actor is also well-known and praised for his height. He mentioned that he had his health checked a while ago. His height was around 190 centimeters, about six feet, and three inches. The singer-actor joked, "There were circulating rumors about me being 193 centimeters, about 6 feet and 4 inches, or 196 centimeters, about 6 feet and 5 inches. I am not that tall. I think it's just fine to know that I'm only 190 centimeters tall."

The SF9 member shared that he tries his very best to perform well despite his tall stature. Rowoon shared that he tends to find his own technique to dance well while on stage with his SF9 members.

SF9's Rowoon for Cosmopolitan Korea August Issue
(Photo : SF9 Rowoon Instagram | Cosmpolitan Korea)

"If the actor next to me seems to be shorter than me, I'll lower my body a little." He added, "Some people say that the height difference adds charms when there's a romantic scene but it's difficult for the actress, her neck must have been hurting the whole time looking up."

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SF9's Rowoon in His Acting Career + 'Yeonmo'

It's no doubt that the idol-actor is one of the hottest actors in this generation.

When Rowoon was asked what roles he would like to play in the future, Rowoon answered, "I want to become a curious person. I want people to be curious about me when they hear that I was going to portray a certain character. That's what I want."

Rowoon gained attention as an actor through his roles in the dramas 'Extraordinary You' and 'She Would Never Know.'

The actor said that he was impressed with Ari Aster's 'Hereditary' and 'Midsommar.' He also expressed his desire to act in a variety of roles. "I want to try playing unconventional roles. But there's also roles that I can only do at my age, so I'm not going to waste those opportunities as well."

He said that the more he acts, the more difficult it feels. He also said that there are times where he grows frustrated with the script.

Rowoon revealed he wants to be recognized as a great actor. When asked if he cared about people's opinions, he answered, "I keep pursuing a career in acting. If I focus on people's opinion, it could all get in my head and lose sight of what's important. So I tend to focus more on my roles rather than what they say about me."

He shared that he's currently busy filming for his upcoming drama 'Yeonmo' (romanized title). 'Yeonmo' is a story about family secrets, hidden identities, drama, and romance. The drama is set to premiere this year.

Rowoon shared he was deeply drawn to his character, and he works really hard, even working with his voice to suit the character.

He also shared his thoughts on his very first historical drama, "For me, historical dramas are a fantasy in a traditional Korean dress. Though there's a historical sense of the time period, the actors have to use their imagination since they didn't actually experience living in that time. So it's a challenge I'd be very happy to take."

SF9's Rowoon and Other Activities as an Idol

Recently, SF9 has released their latest album, "TURN OVER," and their first comeback in a year. The idol said, "Everyone is exhausted due to the global pandemic, I hope we can all have fun together. I'm excited to see our fans after a long while."

Rowoon shared his favorite track from the album. "'Believer' is a track we worked hard to do for 'Kingdom.' I wasn't able to participate actively due to my schedule but I was really proud of my members."

The idol reflected on the things he's accomplished throughout the years. He shared, "I think a lot has changed. I became more courageous to face reality than before. Because I am not afraid of change, I've become a little braver in some aspects."

The interview ended with Rowoon sharing what he wanted to achieve before he turned 30. "I envisioned a clear plan for my future but as I've said, nothing goes well according to plan. Instead of setting goals, I'll just try to be satisfied with what I have in the present time. I think that's the right path to happiness."

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