'Hospital Playlist Season 2' Episode 10: A Surprising Development for Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Jin + Sustain Solid Viewership Rating

Hospital Playlist 2
Hospital Playlist 2 Viewership Rating
Hospital Playlist 2 episode 10
Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 10 recap
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"Hospital Playlist 2" episode 10 delivered not just heartwarming scenes from the 99ers and their patient but also heart-fluttering moments between Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Jin.

Meanwhile, the latest episode maintained a perfect streak as the number one series for its time slot.

'Hospital Playlist 2' Episode 10 Viewership Rating

Hospital Playlist 2
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As cited by Nielsen Korea, "Hospital Playlist 2" viewership rating garnered an average nationwide of 12.7 percent and 14.6 in metropolitan areas.

With this, the tvN Friday night series took the top spot as the most-watched program in its time slot.

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'Hospital Playlist 2' Episode 10 Recap: Jang Gyeo Wool's Miserable Childhood

Hospita Playlist 2
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In the latest episode, the top rating medical K-drama "Hospital Playlist 2" showed a glimpse of Jang Gyeo Wool's (Shin Hyun Bin) background.

Episode 10 highlighted Dr. Jang's relationship with her family, especially her mother, who just had her surgery.

During her heart-to-heart conversation with her brother, he told her that his fiancee canceled the wedding upon knowing their family's background.

It turns out that their father would constantly beat them and their mother, to the point that he ended up in prison after their mom suffered from intense physical injury.

This concerned Gyeo Wool, and she felt sorry for him; however, her brother told her that he would help take care of their mom.

Later, Dr. Jang had an emotional talk with her mom and told her that she would quit at Yulje if she insisted on moving to Gwangju--this is because she wants to look after her mother, even if it means that he has to leave Seoul.

"Hospital Playlist 2" episode 10 featured Jang Gyeo Wool's coldness towards others because of the pressure from her family.

Lee Ik Sun Gets Honest to Kim Jun Wan

Despite being hours late on his much-awaited date with ex-girlfriend Lee Ik Sun (Kwak Sun Young), Kim Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho) learned about the reason why she has decided to end their relationship.

She believes that her condition would take a toll on him, and the least she wanted is to be a burden, Jun Wan.

In "Hospital Playlist 2" episode 10, Ik Sun revealed that she still loves him despite her decision to end things with him.

"I still have feelings for you. That's why I kept that photo of you," she told Jun Wan.

Jang Gyeo Wool Told Ahn Jung Won About her Past

After her deep conversation with her brother, Gyeo Wool realized that Ahn Jung Won (Yoo Yeon Seok) needed to know more about herself, including her family.

During their date, Dr. Jang let her guard down and told her devastating past with her father.

Moreover, she mentioned that their home feels like hell, and moving out of their house for college felt like a relief.

Here, she bluntly said that she wants to be with him every day, but her mother needs her the most.

Of course, Jung Won put her worries aside and explained that he is okay with that situation.

"Just being able to see you at the hospital makes me happy," he told Gyeo Wool.

Yang Seok Hyeong Asked Chu Min Ah on a Date

Hospital Playlist 2
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The most awaited development for the GomGom couple appears to be sailing as "Hospital Playlist 2" episode 10 showed the very introvert Yang Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae Myung) finally had the courage to open his doors to a new relationship.

After accidentally meeting her parents during his short break with Jun Wan, it seems like he is considering her feelings towards Chu Min Ah (Ahn Eun Jin.)

He decides to drop by at her office and asks her if she's free over the weekend. Initially, Min Ah was surprised that Seok Hyeong asked her out, but of course, she immediately said yes.

However, this piqued the interest whether he would confess his feelings or reveal that he is about to leave Seoul and move to the U.S for training.

The upcoming episode would uncover whether the GomGom couple will have a happy ending, just like the romance of Wintergarden's Jang Gyeo Wool and Ahn Jung Won.

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