Actress Park Ha Sun Shares Reason Why She Chose ‘The Veil’ As Her New Project with Namgoong Min

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The forthcoming action spy drama series "The Veil" starring Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, and Park Ha Sun released a new set of stills on September 2, featuring Park Ha Sun's transformation into a South Korean spy.

Actress Park Ha Sun also shared her reason for choosing the spy drama as her new project for the year 2021.

Park Ha Sun Shares Reason For Choosing 'The Veil' as Her New Drama

Actress Park Ha Sun is set to return to the small screen with "The Veil" after starring in the 2020 medical comedy drama series "Birthcare Center" with Uhm Ji Won, Jang Hye Jin, Yoon Park, and Choi Ri.

'The Veil' Stills
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The 34-year-old actress will take on the role of spy agent and the head of the Crime Information Integration Center of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Seo Su Yeon.

She is a resourceful person who will do anything to solve any case entrusted to her. The actress has shown her amazing skills in acting in various dramas such as "Dong Yi," "The King and I," and "Drinking Solo", which only raised expectations and anticipation for the upcoming drama.

'The Veil' Stills
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On September 2, the "Dong Yi" actress shared her reasons why she chose the spy drama as her new drama project in the year 2021, as well as her thoughts on her new acting role.

The actress said, "I wanted to show another side of me that I was not able to show in my previous works. Apart from that, I also had a thirst for genres. I wanted to try to act in an action spy drama, and there was no reason not to appear in the drama."

Park Ha Sun Reveals Her Preparation For Her New Acting Role in 'The Veil'

Park Ha Sun also shared how she prepared herself in order to achieve 100% synchronicity with her character.

Park Ha Sun
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"Seo Su Yeon is an attractive woman. I even changed my image by trying out smokey eye make-ups with a short bob. I also referred to the attire of actual NIS employees," she added, "I also practiced my pronunciation of words and used a lower tone than my original tone so speak more accurately. I even went to a study cafe to study the script."

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Seemingly, with her hard work and amazing talents, expectations and curiosity about her new role in "The Veil" were amplified.

'The Veil' Production and Premiere Date

'The Veil' Poster
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The forthcoming Friday and Saturday spy action drama "The Veil" is the winner of the 2018 MBC Drama Screenplay Contest. It was written by screenwriter Park Seok Ho and directed by filmmaker Kim Seong Yong. It tells the story of a top-performing elite agent who mysteriously disappeared, who returns for a year to seek revenge on the culprit who tried to kill him.

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Namgoong Min is set to portray the titular role alongside Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Eun, Jang Young Nam, and Hwang Hee. The upcoming spy action drama series is scheduled to premiere on September 17 at 10:00 p.m. KST on MBC. Check out the spine-chilling "The Veil" teaser here:

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