‘Hell Is Other People’ Actress Kim Ji Eun Reveals The Reason Why She Was Drawn to Spy Action Drama ‘The Veil’ With Namgoong Min

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"Hell Is Other People" actress Kim Ji Eun is set to appear in the forthcoming spy action-drama series "The Veil" with "Remember: War of the Son" actor Namgoong Min and "Midnight Runners" actress Park Ha Sun.

On September 3, the 28-year-old actress shared her feelings and thoughts towards the drama.

Kim Ji Eun Shares Her Thoughts On Playing The Role of a Spy Agent in 'The Veil'

Actress Kim Ji Eun will take on the role of promising field agent Yoo Je Yi who joined the National Intelligence Service (NIS) at the young age of 21 and has been recognized for her amazing skills within the organization.

She will act as Han Ji Hyuk's, played by Namgoong Min, field partner in the Korean spy series.

On September 3, she shared her inner thoughts and feelings about her role in the new drama.

'The Veil' Stills
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With her excellent acting skills that were previously shown in her dramas, she is expected to show a 100% synchronicity with her character. When asked about her thoughts on Yoo Je Yi, she answered proudly, "Je Yi is an amazing character. In fact, I am very grateful for the opportunity to portray her."

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She added, "You can find the double sides and refreshing charms of Je Yi in the drama. I exerted extra attention in getting to know and understanding her character better during filming, so I hope you will give her all your support and love."

Kim Ji Eun also disclosed her similarities as well as differences with her character. She revealed, "Like Je Yi, I also love to spend time with people. But there are also times that I want to be alone, with my own thoughts in my head."

Kim Ji Eun Shares Sole Reason Why She Was Drawn to the New Drama Project

As she returns to the small screen, a question was raised as to why she chose "The Veil" as her comeback project in the year 2021.

Kim Ji Eun openly said the reason why she was drawn to the drama. She revealed, "Like the title "The Veil", the overall work came to be the most attractive. Even the script was appealing. The coexistence of good and evil, and the characters who embody it are exhilarating."

'The Veil' Stills
(Photo : MBC)

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The production team of "The Veil" shared that the actress is expected to display her uniquely bold and bright charms in portraying elite agent Yoo Je Yi. They added, "She is a person full of mystery with a brilliant mind and outstanding abilities. Please pay attention and support to Kim Ji Eun as Yoo Je Yi in "The Veil" with Namgoong Min."

'The Veil' Production and Release Date

"The Veil" is directed by "My Love Healing" director Kim Sung Yung, and written by screenwriter Park Seok Ho.

'The Veil' Poster
(Photo : MBC)

MBC's 60th Anniversary Special Project "The Veil" is scheduled to premiere on September 17 at 10:00 p.m. on MBC.

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It will also be available for international streaming on Viu and wavve.

ICYMI, here's the exhilarating "The Veil" teaser:

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