‘One the Woman’ Starring Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon Releases Behind-The-Scenes Photos Ahead of its Release

One The Woman
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The newest Friday and Saturday fantasy romance comedy drama series "One the Woman" released its exclusive behind-the-scenes photos prior to its big premiere.

Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon showed spectacular synergy behind the camera, which raises expectations.

Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon Display Perfect Synergy in 'One the Woman'

On September 4, SBS TV released exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the newest rom-com drama "One the Woman" featuring the perfect chemistry and amazing acting performance of lead actors Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

Lee Honey presents her "double impact acting" by displaying her concentration during filming and cheerful personality while preparing for her action scenes. In the drama, she takes on the roles of prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo who lost her memories and is now pretending to be the heiress Kang Mi Na, who looks exactly like her.

'One the Woman'
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This raises expectations and anticipation for her characters. On the other hand, actor Lee Sang Yoon perfectly portrayed his character with his excellent sense of humor and dapper style as Han Seung Wook, a first-generation conglomerate who vows revenge after losing his first love. In the filming set, he is the mood maker who spreads good vibes and friendly atmosphere to his fellow cast and production team.

'One the Woman'
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Jin Seo Yeon shows off her professional appearance as she synchronizes with her character Han Seong Hye. During filming, she reads her script thoroughly even during her break. In the drama, she will portray the role of Kang Mi Na's sister-in-law, who gives off a mysterious vibe whether she is an ally or an antagonist in the main character's life.

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'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

Finally, Lee Won Geun displays his innocent visuals as he smiles softly, even when checking his appearance before filming his scenes. He will return to the small screen after his military discharge as Ahn Yoo Jun, Jo Yeon Joo's former classmate and a fellow prosecutor.

'One the Woman'
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The "One the Woman" production team shared, ""One The Woman" is a one-shot, one-kill for its star-studded cast who will show off their acting skills accumulated over years of experience. We ask for a lot of interest as we assure you that "One the Woman" will bring fun and laughter."

'One the Woman' Premiere Date and Where to Watch

Choi Young Hoon and Kim Yoon's masterpiece "One the Woman" will hit the small screen on September 17 on SBS at 10:00 p.m. KST.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

It will be available for international streaming through Viki and Viu.

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Check out the hilarious yet thrilling teaser of "One the Woman" here:

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