Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon Transform Into Superheroes in New ‘One the Woman’ Poster

One The Woman
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SBS TV's newest romance comedy fantasy drama series "One the Woman" starring Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon released its newest main poster on September 7.

"One the Woman" is scheduled to take on the Friday and Saturday drama time slot after "Penthouse 3".

Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon Become 'One the Woman Avengers' in New Poster

The newly released poster for the upcoming romance comedy fantasy drama "One the Woman" featured the spicy personalities of lead actors Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

In the drama, Lee Honey will challenge herself by taking on the first-ever two-character role in her life. She will portray the role of prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo who lost her memories due to a traumatic accident and is now living the life of a Korean conglomerate heiress, Kang Mi Na.

As Jo Yeon Joo, the actress shows off her chic and free-spirited personality with her naturally wavy hairstyle and contagious smile as seen in the center of the newly released poster. On the other hand, Kang Mi Na is sophisticated with her neatly tied hair, red lips, and sharp gaze. Attention is focused on how the "Extreme Job" actress will show her acting prowess as Jo Yeon Joo and Kang Mi Na.

Opposite Lee Sang Yoon who will portray the role of a successor of a conglomerate group and Kang Mi Na's first love. The actor exudes undeniable charisma as Han Seung Wook, with his furrowed eyebrows and ferocious eyes.

Meanwhile, "Cheer Up!" actor Lee Won Geun takes on the role of Ahn Yoo Jun, Jo Yeon Joo's former classmate in the Judicial Research and Training Institute, and Seopyeong District's current prosecutor. The actor raises curiosity about his character with his mysterious visuals and meaningful eyes.

Finally, Jin Seo Yeon is Kang Mi Na's sister-in-law Han Seong Hye, the eldest daughter of a conglomerate who was pushed out of the succession system because of her gender. She gives off a sophisticated and classy aura, with her deep set of eyes and intimidating gaze, signifying her hard work to get to her position now.

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The four main characters who will lead the new romantic comedy fantasy series expressed their personalities through the poster, which raises anticipation and excitement.

The "One the Woman" production team shared, "The drama is a refreshingly cool and feel-good series to watch while resting after an exhausting day. Lee Honey's transformation from prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo to heiress Kang Mi Na is the main center of the drama. Please look forward to seeing "One the Woman"."

'One the Woman' Production and Premiere

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

"One the Woman" is helmed by "Good Casting" director Choi Young Hoon and screenwriter Kim Yoon.

THE BOYZ member Younghoon and Weki Meki member Doyeon will join the cast as younger versions of Lee Honey and Lee Sang Yoon. Apart from the duo, Na Young Hee, Kim Chang Wan, Jung In Gi, and Kim Won Hae are also part of the series.

It will air every Friday and Saturday and is scheduled to premiere on September 17 at 10:00 p.m. KST on SBS TV.

"One the Woman" will also be available for international streaming on online streaming platforms Viu and Viki.

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Check out the heart-stopping teaser of "One the Woman" here:

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