‘Midnight Runners’ Actress Park Ha Sun Becomes an Antiheroine in Spy Drama ‘The Veil’ With Namgoong Min and Kim Ji Eun

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"Midnight Runners" actress Park Ha Sun showed off her intense transformation as National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent prior to the big premiere of her new spy action drama "The Veil" with actors Namgoong Min and Kim Ji Eun.

The 35-year-old actress also shared her thoughts on her character in the new drama series.

Park Ha Sun Shows Off Transformation as an Antiheroine in 'The Veil'

"Midnight Runners" actress Park Ha Sun showed off her intense acting transformation as a NIS agent in the newest spy action drama "The Veil" with Namgoong Min and Kim Ji Eun.

The actress will take on the role of Seo Su Yeon, NIS' Crime Information Integration Center head and Han Ji Hyuk's (Namgoong Min) colleague. In the drama, the two will confront each other in a heated confrontation.

'The Veil' Stills
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When asked about her thoughts on her character, she shared, "Seo Su Yeon is a mysterious person, and her existence is a mere mystery to everyone around her. Because of her charms and chic personality, nobody can tell whether she is a good person or the other in the drama."

The actress shared that she personally chose the short bob cut hairstyle and how she delivers her lines as Seo Su Yeon. She said, "I will show Seo Su Yeon's hot-and-cold character and intense personality through my acting abilities. For me, she is the most well-written character among the rest, so please show Seo Su Yeon a lot of support."

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'The Veil' Stills
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In addition to that, she raised anticipation by saying, "I will show a variety of new sides that I have never shown before."

The actress is expected to exceed prospective viewers' expectations with her accumulated acting experiences through the years.

'The Veil' Pre-Production and Release

'The Veil' Poster
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The spy drama masterpiece is helmed by writer Park Seok Ho, who is the winner of the 2018 MBC Drama Screenwriting Competition, and filmmaker Kim Seong Yong.

"The Veil" is scheduled to premiere on September 17 at 10:00 p.m. KST on MBC.

Apart from the trio, actress Jang Young Nam, Kwon So Hyun, Kim Byung Ki, and "Dal Li and Gamjatang" actor Hwang Hee are also part of the cast ensemble.

"The Veil" will also be available for international streaming on Viu and KOCOWA TV.

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Check out the spine-chilling "The Veil" teaser here:

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