Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, and Kwon Yul Entangled in Complicated Love Triangle in New ‘Dal Li and Gamjatang' Poster

Dal Li and Gamja-tang
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Dal Li and Gamjatang
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KBS2's most awaited work in 2021 "Dal Li and Gamjatang", the first romantic comedy-drama project of Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, released a new set of stills introducing Kim Min Jae's prestigious family members on September 9.

"Dal Li and Gamjatang" also unveiled its newest drama teaser poster, which displayed the bright relationship of Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, and Kwon Yul's hidden jealousy.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Introduces Kim Min Jae's Wealthy Family Members

Kim Min Jae, who gained attention after starring in the drama "Do You Like Brahms?", will take on the role of Jin Mu Hak, a young and hot CEO of Dondon F&B, a global gamjatang (spicy pork stew) restaurant and company with over 400 franchises.

On September 9, "Dal Li and Gamjatang" introduced Jin Mu Hak's well-off family to the public.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

Yeo Mi Ri, played by Hwang Bo Ra, was a part-time worker at Dondon F&B in the past when it was still starting to bloom. Currently, Yeo Mi Ri works as Jin Mu Hak's secretary. She is blunt, candid, and straightforward. In the released stills, Jin Mu Hak and Yeo Mi Ri displayed their sibling-like relationship which raises expectations.

Actor Ahn Gil Kang will play the role of Mu Hak's father, Jin Baek Won, while Seo Jeong Yeon will portray Mu Hak's stepmother, Seo Geum Ja. The two actors show off their professionalism and sense of dignity with their splendid suits and sparkling accessories.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

On the other hand, Jin Ki Cheol, who is played by Lee Je Yeon, will play the part of a member of the global food company, Dondon F&B.

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'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

Although the family was born with a silver spoon, they all made history with their hard work and sole talents in making delicious food. The actors are expected to display their fun personalities and individual quirks, rather than their elegance and wealth.

A member of the production team of "Dal Li and Gamjatang" shared their thoughts on the drama. They said, "The cast and actors will make everyone laugh with their quirks and talents in acting. It will also touch on the story of love between the family members. Please give support and look forward to seeing "Dal Li and Gamjatang"."

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Unveils New Poster Displaying a Complex Relationship Between Jin Mu Hak, Kim Dal Li, and Jang Tae Jin

The forthcoming rom-com drama "Dal Li and Gamjatang" released another poster featuring the main actors Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young, and Kwol Yul, which parodies Pierre-Auguste Renoir's masterpiece "Dance in the Country", which captured the attention of potential viewers.

The beautiful masterpiece was duplicated as Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young, who play Jin Mu Hak and Kim Dal Li respectively, copy the two couple's pose in the artwork.

The two were dressed in an expensive-looking wardrobe, with a red hat, yellow gloves, and belt while enjoying the dance.

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Stills
(Photo : KBS)

However, Jang Tae Jin, played by Kwon Yul, only glanced at the two with a very unamused facial expression as he crossed his arms in front of him. His frown and furrowed eyebrows raised curiosity about their relationships with each other.

"Dal Li and Gamjatang" production staff compared the two male leads in the drama by saying, "While Jin Mu Hak unfolds a fresh romantic affair, Jang Tae Jin struggles to enter the world of romance. Please look forward to seeing the two actors' subtle war of nerves against each other in the upcoming drama."

'Dal Li and Gamjatang' Production and Release Date

Apart from the main cast and the Dondon F&B members, Hwang Hee and MOMOLAND's Yeonwoo will also join the drama.

"Dal Li and Gamjatang" is directed by director Lee Jeong Seop, the man behind the famous dramas "Baker King" and "Healer" and written by screenwriters Son Eun Hye and Park Se Eun.

It is slated to premiere on KBS2 at 9:30 p.m. KST on September 22.

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