Cosmic Girls Eunseo Couples Up With SF9 Chani in New Fantasy Romance Drama + ‘Jinx’ Posters Unveiled

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Cosmic Girls Eunseo and SF9 Chani are set to return to the small screen together with the new fantasy romance drama "Jinx."

The series follows the story of the sympathetic romance between Gyu Han, played by Chani, a young man who has terrible luck. He struggles to win the heart of the chic Se Kyung, played by Eunseo while figuring out how to shoo away his jinx.

Cosmic Girls Eunseo and SF9 Chani To Work Together in 'Jinx'

Idol actors Cosmic Girls Eunseo and SF9 Chani work together for the first time in Kakao TV's newest fantasy romantic comedy-drama series "Jinx."

Chani is set to diversify his acting roles as he portrays Gyu Han, a college student who has a severe sense of jinx in which the opposite of what he hopes for comes true every time he sneezes.

SF9 Chani
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His day-to-day life is greatly affected due to his uncontrollable sneezing jinx. The poor young man is always close to being hit by lightning, losing money to rogue teenagers, and missing his bus. But despite his misfortunes, Gyu Han is a pure man.

Chani shared his thoughts on his character with a smile, "Gyu Han is a warm and kindhearted person. Despite his everyday misfortunes, he doesn't lose his sincerity, determination, and persistence. He is a character with a lot of charm and I enjoyed portraying him. He will bring the viewers healing and comfort, so please give Gyu Han a lot of love and support."

Cosmic Girls Eunseo
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Opposite Cosmic Girls Eunseo will take on the role of the pretty and chic Se Kyung, who is also Gyu Han's co-worker. She is a head-turner, even though she appears to be sharp and intimidating.

Se Kyung shows no interest in love and romance, in spite of many suitors. Se Kyung is a character who stands out with her charismatic personality. She has a soft side even if her heart is filled with memories she wishes to forget.

'Jinx' Unveils its Mysteric New Posters

On September 18, Kakao TV released two new posters for the upcoming drama "Jinx", which increased fans and potential viewers' expectations.

(Photo : Kakao Entertainment)

In the first poster, Gyu Han and Se Kyung face each other while holding one another's hands. The text in the poster translates to "Can we fall in love?" which arouses interest.

In the second poster, the Gyu Han and Se Kyung side-by-side on a swing, increasing the expectations of the public. It also highlights the story of the warm and kind Gyu Han and aromantic Se Kyung.

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Will Gyu Han be able to overcome his bad luck and thaw Se Kyung's frozen heart?

Cosmic Girls Eunseo, SF9 Chani, and Their Previous Projects

Chani is one of the idols who received a lot of praise and appreciation for his acting skills. This is because of his accumulated experiences from his acting career over the years.

The "Tear Drop" singer also drew attention from famous actors such as Kim Jae Won and Song Joong Ki after appearing in the JTBC drama "SKY Castle," which aroused interest.

Chani has proven his acting prowess as he took on various characters, from being a popular idol member in "Imitation" and a genius singer of Goryeo.

Not only that, Chani is a child actor who participated in several dramas such as "Queen Seondeok," "To the Beautiful You," and "The Innocent Man."

On the other hand, Eunseo built her acting career through web dramas, which served as her stepping stone in the industry.

She has appeared in various web dramas "Dalgona" and "Life Book Cafe." She also graced the small screen with a brief cameo in the 2017 drama "Chicago Typewriter."

In particular, the refreshing combination of Eunseo and Chani raises expectations as to what kind of acting performance the two will show. Attention is also focused on the chemistry of Gyu Han and Se Kyung.

'Jinx' Premiere Date and Further Details

The forthcoming fantasy rom-com starring Eunseo and Chani consists of ten episodes, which runs for 15 minutes each. It will air every Wednesday and Saturday.

(Photo : Kakao Entertainment)

"Jinx" is scheduled to air for the first time on Wednesday, October 6, at 9 am on Kakao TV.

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