‘Squid Game’ Fun Facts: 5 Essential Details You Shouldn't Miss in Park Hae Soo and Lee Jung Hae’s K-Drama (Including a Record-Breaking Achievement)

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Netflix original series Squid Game, starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo, received massive support from the public after making its grand debut. 

The latest mystery thriller K-drama wowed the viewers with its unique concept, aesthetically pleasing set, and of course, the outstanding lineup of the cast. 

Released on September 17, it immediately garnered praise from fans and even went trending for days since its premiere. 

With all the buzz about the newest series, here are the five essential facts that every fan should know about Squid Game.

Squid Game Beats Sweet Home and Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist, Squid Game, Sweet Home
(Photo : Netflix Korea and Netflix Ph)

The survival game continues to dominate the streaming platform after surpassing the mega-hit Kdrama Sweet Home, starring Song Kang and Lee Do Hyun.  

It came after the post dystopian series peaked at 428 points while Squid Game sits with 712 points, landing second place at Top TV shows rankings on Netflix for September 20, 2021, next to the U.S series Sex Education.

Moreover, it is currently the highest-scoring K-Drama on the streaming platform. 

On top of it, the success of Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo's drama eclipsed the achievement of another popular series, Money Heist

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Squid Game Original Title Was Round Six

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea )

In 2019, the streaming giant announced that they will release an upcoming Korean original series titled Round Six.

Yup, initially, the production team opted for that title before coming up with the traditional children's game. 

It is in reference to the number of rounds that the participants need to accomplish to be declared the winner. 

Inspired by the Korean Comics Manhwa

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Amid the allegations that Squid Game plagiarized the Japanese film As the Gods Will and Alice in Borderland, PD Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed his true inspiration behind Squid Game.

In a press conference, he shared that he always wanted to create a series similar to what he read in manhwa, one of the biggest webtoon communities in the world. 

"At that time, I went to bookstores often. And when I read many manhwas, I want to make a story similar to the ones in the manhwa that I read."

13 Years in the Making

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official Instagram)

The Squid Game director also revealed in the press conference that he began drafting the screenplay of the series in 2008 and also made reference to his situation at the time. 

"When I wrote it, I thought I could play it because I was in debt at the time. I thought to myself that I wish there were a chance like this."

Squid Game Set Has Few CGI Effects

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

The director wanted the set to look more realistic and agreed to use minimal CGI effects, hence the stunning visuals of the series. 

Interestingly, the production team used massive dolls and really paid attention to every detail. 

"The set and the giant doll are exactly what we see on screen. Everything amazes me."

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