‘The King’s Affection’ Starring Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon Reveals Final Lineup of the Drama

The King's Affection
Park Eun Bin
SF9 RoWoon
Nam Yoon Su
Choi Byung Chan
Bae Yoon Kyung
DIA Chaeyeon
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The forthcoming historical romance-drama "The King's Affection" revealed the final cast lineup of the drama on September 28.

Nam Yoon Su, Choi Byung Chan, Bae Yoon Kyung, and DIA Chaeyeon, alongside Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon, are set to lead the new drama.

Bae Soo Bin, Lee Pil Mo, Baek Hyun Joo, and More Join the Cast of 'The King's Affection'

Broadcast giant KBS finally revealed the veteran and rising actors who will work together in the upcoming historical romance-drama "The King's Affection."

Apart from Park Eun Bin, SF9 Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, Choi Byung Chan, Bae Yoon Kyung, and DIA Chaeyeon, veteran actors as well as rising stars will participate in the forthcoming drama to decorate the small screen every Monday and Tuesday.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

Bae Soo Bin, Lee Pil Mo, Baek Hyun Joo, Go Kyu Pil, Lee Il Hwa, and Son Yeo Eun will take part in strengthening the new drama with their skills in acting.

Bae Soo Bin, a veteran 'sageuk' drama actress for over 11 years, will take on the role of Jeong Seok Jo, the father of Jeong Ji Woon (Rowoon). He is a realist, and he works for the forces that thoroughly agree with him.

Next, Lee Pil Mo will portray Hye Jong, crown prince Lee Hwi's (Park Eun Bi) father. He is a strong-willed man with revolutionary political strategies who believes in his own political beliefs.

The two fathers are both firm for what they believe in, who only want what's best for their children, who express their affection with tough love. To Lee Hwi and Ji Woon, fathers are difficult figures that always feel uncomfortable and distant.

On the other hand, Baek Hyun Joo and Go Kyu Pil will play the roles of Kim Sang Gung and Hong Nae Kwan respectively, who have watched the crown prince grow up in front of their eyes. Both of them are loyal servants and a friend to Lee Hwi.

'The King's Affection'
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Lee Il Hwa, who returns with a new historical drama after seven years, will play the role of "The Great Queen" of the royal family. She is powerful yet benevolent and warm.

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'The King's Affection'
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Finally, Son Yeo Eun leads the drama as she plays the role of Jung Jeon, Lee Hwi's power-hungry stepmother, who treats the crown prince with hostility.

"The King's Affection" production team shared, "The veteran actors were expected to solidify the cast lineup of the drama with their luxurious and seasoned acting abilities. Please look forward to the exciting stories of the characters, who will give warmth and healing to its viewers."

'The King's Affection' K-Drama Summary and Further Details

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon's new historical romance drama is penned by Han Hee Jung and directed by filmmaker Song Hyun Wook.

It follows the story of the poor crown prince who was abandoned due to her gender. After her twin brother died, she assumed the throne while hiding her true identity.

"The King's Affection" is scheduled to air for the first time on October 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST on KBS2.

It will also be available for international streaming on Netflix.

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