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Im Soo Jung returns to the small screen and teams up with Lee Do Hyun in tvN's upcoming Kdrama Melancholia. It is tvN's 15th Anniversary Special Drama.

On October 7, tvN released new stills featuring Im Soo Jung as a passionate Mathematics teacher.

Im Soo Jung Displays Passion as a Teacher in Kdrama Melancholia

The actress returns to the small screen as a passionate Mathematics teacher Ji Yoon Soo, who has a sense of duty as a teacher that captures the hearts of many.

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Im Soo Jung Melancholia

In the world where the whole university is preparing for entrance exams, Ji Yoon Soo's students only see Mathematics as a means to an end, but the passionate teacher is firm to show them the joy of Mathematics and the beauty of numbers.

Although there are doubts if this method will work in a competitive entrance exam, her methodical approach had her students succeed in entering a prestigious university, showing Ji Yoon Soo's convictions and approach were not wrong.

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Im Soo Jung Melancholia

In the published photos, Mathematics teacher Ji Yoon Soo displays her passion and sincerity while looking over a Mathematics workbook.

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The stills also captured the teacher's affectionate eyes for her students, smiling sweetly with an fulfilling pleased expression.

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Im Soo Jung Melancholia

The production team of "Melancholia" raises expectations by saying, "Im Soo Jung displays a perfect synchronization rate with her character Ji Yoon Soo."

Kdrama Melancholia Summary and Release Date

The drama is set in a private school that is the mecca of corruption. "Melancholia" tells the story of a passionate Mathematics teacher Ji Yoon Soo, played by Im Soo Jung, and a former Mathematics genius Baek Seung Yoo, played by Lee Do Hyun, who work together to overcome prejudices and prying eyes together.

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Lee Do Hyun Im Soo Jung Melancholia

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Jang Hyun Jung, Jin Kyung, Baek Ji Won, and Kim Ho Jin are also part of the series.

"Melancholia" marks Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun's first drama project together, and Im Soo Jung's comeback drama after two years.

The drama is helmed together by director Kim Sang Hyeop and screenwriter Kim Ji Woon for Studio Dragon. The drama is produced by Bone Factory.

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The upcoming drama "Melancholia" premieres on November 3 at 10:30 p.m. on tvN. It will also be available for worldwide streaming on iQIYI and Viki.

ICYMI, here's the romance-filled Melancholia teaser:

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